75 Ways to Throw a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Everyone wants to pull off that luxury wedding look at budget prices. Here, creative pointers on how to pull off a posh look without going broke.

Entertainment Tips

50. Hire out-of-the-ordinary entertainment for a high-impact cocktail hour. To save costs, opt for a three-piece ensemble instead of a five-piece. Or use standout musicians for the cocktail hour and switch to a DJ for dancing later on in the evening.

51. Instead of hiring a group for the cocktail hour, have a solo musician, like a classical guitarist, add something different and delightful.

Photo Credit: Pasha Belman Photography

52. Consider a musical group that combines a DJ and musicians who perform along with the recorded music. It’ll get the crowd dancing, and provide the upscale feel of a live band at less expense.

53. If you’re hiring a DJ, consider a live bongo player or sax player to accompany the CD spinner.

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