10 Biggest Bridal Budget Blunders

Warning: budget hazards ahead! Here, the most common wedding-spending pitfalls and surefire ways to avoid them.

2. Not Reading the Fine Print

Don’t skip reading anything, and if you have questions — no matter how seemingly insignificant — ask immediately. This is extra critical when it comes to clarifying payment terms. You want to know exactly when payments or balances are due; if there are any minimum charges, corkage fees for wine, cake-cutting fees — or any other possibly pricey unknowns. If your wedding is a year or more away, be sure to block in guaranteed prices on catering and liquor.

couple signing contract
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The Solution: Never ever sign any contract on the spot; always take it home and read over everything, making note of any and all questions and concerns. If a vendor pressures you to sign, take that as your cue to move on to the next vendor. Nothing is so urgent that it can’t wait at least overnight.

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