50 Stunning Winter Wedding Photos

Summer weddings may be cheerful and bright, but there really isn’t anything more magical than a winter wedding. Dancing snowflakes, frosted mountain peaks, and festive evergreens all dream up an enchanted winter wonderland. Place a bride and groom in the picture, and the romance of the scenery is instantly dramatized. A chilly winter photo session may not sound like a cozy cup of hot chocolate, but the resulting white-washed fairytale photos are completely worth it.  

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Lakefront


    Fall leaves may be colorful, but there’s something striking about a bare tree blanketed in snow. Coupled with a vast lake and delicate snowfall, this shot is all winter romance.

    Photo Credit: Enzo K Photography

  • Oh, Christmas Tree

    Oh, Christmas Tree

    Surrounded by fresh evergreens and wrapped in peacoats, this couple is full of yuletide cheer.

    Photo Credit: Isa Images

  • Rocky Landscape

    Rocky Landscape

    This scenic rocky landscape may be missing the evergreens, but it’s ruggedly beautiful.

    Photo Credit: Maciej Suwalowski

  • Riverwalk


    A running river with snow-covered rocks sets an adventurous backdrop for this carefree couple donned in a rich evergreen and burgundy as tribute to the season. 

    Photo Credit: Sweetlife Photography

  • Romantic Bridge

    Romantic Bridge

    A romantic walk on the bridge in an enchanted forest looks like it’s a scene straight from a fairy tale.

    Photo Credit: Brinton Studios

  • Snowstorm


    Wrapped up in the blinding white swirl of the snow, these two are oblivious to Mother Nature and only have eyes for each other.

  • Frosty Goodness

    Frosty Goodness

    A damp fog and frosty ground sets a beautifully mystic tone to this barren wintry shot.

    Photo Credit: Chloe Ramirez Photo

  • Ski Lift

    Ski Lift

    A ski lift offers a bird’s eye view of a stunning scenery, complete with mountain and lake.

  • Mandala


    A mandala of seasonal greenery and red roses brings a bit of bohemian festive cheer to this snowy scene. 

  • Ice Queen

    Ice Queen

    This ice castle is channeling some serious Elsa vibes. Icicles and a gold sequin dress make for a unique wedding photo. 

  • Rainboots


    This snowy walk in the woods is made all the more adorable with matching his-and-hers rainboots.

    Photo Credit: We Are The Clarkes

  • Perspective


    A delicate bare branch frames the newlyweds and the mountain behind them, making for a creative angle in a postcard-worthy shot.

    Photo Credit: Two Mann Studios

  • Into the Woods

    Into the Woods

    This bride couldn’t look happier as her groom whisks her away, trekking through the snow.

    Photo Credit: Nancy Ebert

  • Snowy Venue

    Snowy Venue

    Snow banks, slick roads, and sprinkled roofs all add to the elegantly rustic charm of the venue. An archway leading to the snowy landscape beyond serves as the perfect background for a bride and groom portrait.

  • Ice Skates

    Ice Skates

    This bride and groom know how to have some wintertime fun. Ice skating adds an adventurous and whimsical touch to not only a photo, but the wedding itself.

    Photo Credit: Justine Milton

  • Inside Look

    Inside Look

    This couple looks cozy in love as the snow rages outside in a shot that captures both the warmth and the cold.

    Photo Credit: Ingar Sørensen

  • Monochrome Vibes

    Monochrome Vibes

    A snowy forest backdrop, white dress, and gray tux make for a breathtaking monochromatic shot.

    Photo Credit: Kay Kroshus

  • Mountain View

    Mountain View

    Lines of evergreens, jutting mountains, and steep slopes — we can’t blame this couple for gazing at this winter wonderland.

  • Snowfall


    There’s nothing like a light snowfall to add a bit of romance and create a classic winter wedding photo.

    Photo Credit: Travis J Photography

  • Huskies


    What’s a winter wedding photo without a pair of fluffy, adorable huskies? Their regal posture, a fresh covering of snow, and the bride’s layered ballgown and faux fur coat makes for an elegant vibe.

  • Tree Stumps

    Tree Stumps

    Raw stumps and bare, whispy branches create a rustic and bohemian setting.

  • Scenic Backdrop

    Scenic Backdrop

    Crisp, clear skies and snow-capped mountains paint a picture-perfect backdrop as this bride and groom prepare to embrace.

    Photo Credit: Benjamin Le Du

  • Nighttime Snow

    Nighttime Snow

    The night sky and a street lamp combine to shine a spotlight of dramatic snowfall on this couple, making for a magical shot.

    Photo Credit: XO Chels Photography

  • Glacier


    We can practically feel the cold air from these gorgeous glaciers — that’s one brave bride for going strapless!

    Photo Credit: Photos by Miss Ann / Event Planner: Your Adventure Wedding

  • Seasonal Transition

    Seasonal Transition

    A few fall leaves and untouched evergreens still play peek-a-boo through a carpet of snow, perfectly capturing the autumn to winter transition.

  • Peek-A-Boo


    A peek through the snowy trees catches this bride and groom’s love.

  • Waterfront


    A heavy fog and elegant tree lends this waterfront an ethereal quality.

    Photo Credit: Jesper Anhede

  • Landscape Views

    Landscape Views

    Lush greenery and a teal river give this snowy landscape a burst of vibrant color.

  • Cityscape


    A black and white still of a city getting sprinkled in snow as bride and groom share a kiss is nothing but glamorous.

    Photo Credit: JPP Studios

  • Sledding Fun

    Sledding Fun

    A sled acts as a fun prop with playtime vibes, bringing out this couple’s inner child.

  • Fir Trees

    Fir Trees

    This image may be all fir trees, but that’s the beauty of it — it’s as if these two are the only ones who exist in the world. 

  • Winter Sunlight

    Winter Sunlight

    A hazy winter sunset casts an ethereal glow on the snowy scene behind these newlyweds.

    Photo Credit: Justine Milton

  • Rustic Winter

    Rustic Winter

    A rustic barn backdrop and icy frosty ground lend this winter photo some rustic charm. We love how the red roses in the bride’s bouquet add a pop of holiday color.

  • Adventure Time

    Adventure Time

    With a snow-lined church — complete with seasonal décor — and a husky leading the way, it looks like these three are ready for a winter escapade.

  • Sleigh Rides

    Sleigh Rides

    A cozy winter sleigh ride is just what Old Man Winter ordered. The only thing missing is a reindeer.

    Photo Credit: BrittRene Photography

  • Windy Days

    Windy Days

    Complete with a picturesque backdrop and a wind effect, this striking shot could pass as a movie still.

  • Evergreen Fun

    Evergreen Fun

    As if this couple needs more joy, frosted evergreens bring a bit of wintry merriment, their set-up perfectly framing this happy couple.

    Photo Credit: Hops Koch Photography

  • Snow Flurries

    Snow Flurries

    Snow flurries whirl around for a charming effect.

  • Footprints


    This dazzling photo is winter’s take on footprints in the sand, leading to a couple basking in the glow of the streetlight.

    Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

  • Ski Bunnies

    Ski Bunnies

    From the wooden skis and poles to the bright puffer jackets and beanie hats, we’re in love with this ski bunny couple.

    Photo Credit: Ladies and Lord

  • A Winter

    A Winter's Dream

    Jack Frost really worked some magic in this photo. Falling snowflakes and a forest of evergreens dusted in snow is a true winter dream.

  • Mountaintop


    Climbing up a snow-capped mountaintop with a bright winter sun, heavenly light, and wisps of clouds is worth it for such a jaw-dropping and otherworldly picture. 

  • Snow Kiss

    Snow Kiss

    Have you ever seen a kiss as romantic as this one? All we can say is, "Let it snow."

    Photo Credit: Pepper Nix

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever

    A cozy lodge in the background adds an element of warmth to this magical and chilly scene. This couple really is walking in a winter wonderland.

  • Hitting the Slopes

    Hitting the Slopes

    This playful skiing shot show’s off the couple’s adventurous side. We love how the groom so sweetly carries the bride’s bouquet for her.

  • Umbrella


    An umbrella not only shields this cute couple from the snow, but it acts as the perfect frame for their love.

    Photo Credit: Katy Lunsford

  • Park Love

    Park Love

    Evergreens and fir trees, charming pond, wooden bridge, vast mountains — we love everything about this wintry park. It’s a nature lover’s dream.

    Photo Credit: Pepper Nix

  • Dramatic Scene

    Dramatic Scene

    Wintry gray skies and heavy snow may seem gloomy, but in this shot, they’re dramatic and magnificent, especially when coupled with the bride’s voluminous fit and flare dress.

    Photo Credit: Nordica Photography

  • Snowball


    Snowball fight, anyone? These two know how to have fun, creating winter’s version of confetti in this adorable shot.

  • Reflection


    The beauty in this breathtaking shot is simply unfounded. There may be no snow, but we’re loving the blue hues, from the distant hills to the ice, which perfectly captures both the stunning scenery and bride and groom in its reflection.

    Photo Credit: Tony Gambino

50 Stunning Winter Wedding Photos

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