5 Hot Trends for Fall Weddings

As Starbucks rolls out its coveted Pumpkin Spice Latte, we find ourselves looking forward to some cooler weather, and fall festivities. Get all of the wedding inspiration you need from these top trends for the season.

1. Rich Colorways

Think gemstones: ruby, emerald, and sapphire all make for gorgeous bridesmaid dress colors. The juxtaposition against the bride’s white gown will help make her stand out even more on the big day.

  Gemstone Colorways

Photo Credit: Astray Photography 

2. Bright Florals

Keep your blooms on-trend for the season with Orange Gerbera, Purple Alstroemeria, and Chrysanthemums.


Photo Credit: Conforti Photography

3. Holiday Weddings

When your wedding falls near holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving, themed nuptials seems like a fun no-brainer.

  Halloween Wedding Invitation

Photo Credit: Carmen Ash Photography

4. Veggie-Adorned Cakes

Pumpkins need not be the only gourd involved in your autumn festivities. Opt for mini squash instead of flowers on your wedding cake.


Photo Credit: Corbin Gurkin

  1. 5. Festive Favors

Send guests home with a taste of fall with these miniature maple syrups.

Maple Syrup

Photo Credit: Mango Studios

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