Our Favorite Emerging Trends

As the fall wedding season winds down, wedding pros share their favorite ideas they saw.

bride and groom
Photo: Adam and Becca Photo & Video

Round ceremonies. "I love creating a 'ceremony in the round,' which allows guests to see and hear the couple from every angle. It also prevents anyone from getting stuck in the back row of chairs, which can leave guests feeling excluded." —Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

Flavor-filled vegan menus. "Sustainability is in, and fall is the ideal time of year to embrace plant-based eating because of the hearty seasonal produce you can incorporate into your menu. Think grilled cauliflower steak, hearty butternut squash soup, rustic beet salad, crispy brussels sprouts, slow roasted sweet potatoes...the list goes on. Fall produce is flavorful, filling, and can be used to create a warm and hearty menu that satisfies every craving." —Rob Pausmith, Founder, Pausmith Group

Cozy elements. "Couples are adding cozy elements to their weddings, like plush lounge areas with blankets and pillows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests." —Becca Davis, Co-Owner, Adam and Becca Photo & Video

Sustainable fashion. “Sustainability is still a trend and one we see continuing on for quite some time. Poémia offers gowns that have a feminine ease, but is also a purchase you can feel good about. Our fabrics are biodegradable, and we offer and Ever After package with every dress purchase that allows you to convert your gown after your wedding day. After the wedding, a bride can send her gown back to us and we will shorten it and naturally dye it, so it has life long after you say 'I do!'" —Katie Rieben, Co-Founder, Poémia

Handwritten notes for guests. "One of my favorite meaningful trends is having the couple write individual notes to each guest which are then used as escort cards or seating cards. It creates such a special moment for each guest." —Connor

Velvet. "Velvet is making a statement in wedding fashion. From bridesmaid dresses to table linens, this luxurious fabric adds a touch of opulence to any celebration." —Davis

Quintessential seasonal moments. This season, "couples are loving incorporating moments that just scream 'fall.' Think hot welcoming drinks like apple cider, fancy pashminas to keep guests warm during the ceremony or cocktail hour, fall flowers such as roses, peonies & orchids, or fire pits with s'mores after dinner." —Ariel Becker, CEO, Becker & The Co.

An emphasis on sustainability. "We're seeing a shift towards eco-friendly weddings. Couples are choosing sustainable décor, locally sourced cuisine, and even digital invitations to reduce their carbon footprint." —Davis

Family-style dinner. "Another meaningful trend is hosting a family-style dinner. This style of service inspires feelings of warmth, family and community, particularly when hosted at long tables and it allows you to forgo pre-selected entrees in favor of offering a great variety of foods for everyone." —Connor

Passed desserts. "I love offering dessert as a passed experience. Forget sitting and waiting for cake — have dessert (and mini dessert cocktails!) passed as a variety of one-bite options on the dance floor. This allows the party to continue without disruption." —Connor

Food trucks. "Food trucks are becoming a fall wedding favorite. Guests love the idea of enjoying gourmet comfort food like tacos, sliders, or even a luxurious brick oven pizza trailer during the reception." —Davis