All Together Now: Choreographed Wedding Dances That Make Us Smile

If viral videos are any indication, the dancing at weddings today could give Broadway a run for its money. While we’re fans of all types — medleys, dance-offs, flash mobs — our faves all have one thing in common: they really show off the bride and grooms personalities.

The First Dance

Epic Wedding Music Video With 250 Guests in One Take
Call it controlled chaos — somehow, Robert and Teresa pull off the greatest anti-choreographed music video ever. Done in one take, guests received instructions via envelopes at their tables and, at go time, hurried to get into position. The result? A well-timed butt prosthetic, shout-outs to Patrón, and a really sweet finale. The best part is that couple has a lasting memory featuring every single one of their 250 guests.

First Dance Interrupted
With more than 14 million hits, the Brubakers' first dance has been a YouTube fave for nearly a decade. Three words describe why: “Baby Got Back!”


Rock the Reception With a Dance-off
Chelsea and Daniel barely make it through their first dance when they're "rudely" interrupted by the wedding party. What ensues is a dance off that really does rock the reception.

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