All Together Now: Choreographed Wedding Dances That Make Us Smile

If viral videos are any indication, the dancing at weddings today could give Broadway a run for its money. While we’re fans of all types — medleys, dance-offs, flash mobs — our faves all have one thing in common: they really show off the bride and grooms personalities.

Parent Dances  

Father/Daughter Dance Medley
Texans Ashley Richmond and David Sparks old-school-meets-new-school performance charmed the crowd. After the video went viral, the dancing duo took their act all the way to Times Square, where they performed it live on Good Morning America.


Mother/Son Wedding Dance
We have Kathy, and we have Blake, and now we have absolute dancin’ perfection. Really, Mom kills it in a marathon session of Jackson 5 moves, the Hammer Dance, and some shufflin’ thrown in for good measure — all while never wrinkling her dress jacket.

Mother/Daughter Wedding Dance
This mother/daughter pair start out on a sentimental note, but it's not long before they’re prancing around Gangnam Style... and we’re loving every minute of it.

Bride and Brother's Tribute Dance to Dad
Just when you think you might be reaching for the tissues, Jaclyn and her brother Eric honor their late father with a surprise dance that truly celebrates his memory.

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