25 Creative Ways to Show Off Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake isn’t just a dessert; it’s also a part of your décor. After all that time spent tasting and designing your dream confection, you won’t want to skimp on its presentation. Whether you opt for fun linens, a fancy backdrop, or an abundance of flowers, decorating a cake display is a great way to reflect your personalities. Get some inspiration with these ideas.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • String Lighting

    String Lighting

    Whether you opt for fairy lights or bulbs, string lighting will twinkle and shine to illuminate your cake.

  • Greenery


    Suspended wreaths of fresh greenery and a sequined cake table balance rustic and glamorous vibes.

    Photo Credit: OneLove Photography

  • Floral Tablecloth

    Floral Tablecloth

    Your tablecloth doesn’t have to be made of just linens. Lush white blooms grace this tabletop, cascading into a garland skirt in pure elegance. 

  • Arbor Structure

    Arbor Structure

    Take a cue from nature — an arbor structure houses this wedding cake, while a wreath of twigs and grass-covered table skirt serve as a platform for a rustic feel.

    Photo Credit: Soli Photography / Cake by Cakemakers

  • Balloons


    What’s more fun than letter balloons? Spell out your and your groom’s initials, or declare your affection for each other like this cake display does.

    Photo Credit: OneLove Photography

  • Spool


    An oversized wooden spool as a cake table has both vintage and rustic charm.

    Photo Credit: Bumby Photography

  • Custom Backdrop

    Custom Backdrop

    Fashion a backdrop of your own that contrasts with the surroundings to really make your cake stand out. This dark and dreamy setting screams dramatic autumn romance.

  • Cage


    A delicate cake inside an antique cage is perfect for a garden wedding affair.

    Photo Credit: Eden Day Photography

  • Crates


    Wooden crates are a handsome choice for a cake display and can be as elaborate as they are simple; stack them as high or low as you wish. 

    Photo Credit: Abbey Hepner

  • Dresser


    Add some character to your display by using an antique dresser as a table. An oversized wooden heart pendant echoes this dresser’s delightfully worn elements.

    Photo Credit: Jenny Markham

  • Wine Barrel

    Wine Barrel

    An old wine barrel brings a bit of bucolic beauty when serving as a cake pedestal. Top it off with flowers and succulents.

    Photo Credit: Lauren Campbell

  • Woodland Setting

    Woodland Setting

    This woodland setting is straight out of a fairy tale and enough to make any bride’s dreams come true.

  • Arch


    A rustic wood platform and crystal chandelier complete the display for a shabby-chic look.

  • Gold Bottles

    Gold Bottles

    Mix and match textures and elements for a stunning effect. Spray-painted gold wine bottles, feathers, a brick wall, and wood carvings combine for a glamorous display.

    Photo Credit: LH Photography / Cake by The Pastry Studio

  • Canopy


    Give your cake a room of its own with a dramatic canopy. Silky white curtains and a crown of feathers lend a majestic air to this suspended cake.

    Photo Credit: Milanes Photography

  • Chandelier Cake

    Chandelier Cake

    Flip things upside down — literally. This dazzling chandelier wedding cake is sure to command attention as the centerpiece of the room.

    Photo Credit: Araujo Photography

  • Tulle Skirt

    Tulle Skirt

    Tulle isn’t just for your wedding dress — it can also add some flair as a table skirt. Top it off with a sequin tablecloth for a full princess effect. 

    Photo Credit: Melissa Jill

  • Floral Wreath

    Floral Wreath

    A wreath of flowers is a subtle and elegant way to add a finishing touch to a traditional white cake.

  • Cloche


    Encase your cake in a cloche to add a bit of whimsy and charm.

  • Mirror


    Give your guests a 360 degree view of your cake by placing a mirror behind it. This regal mirror shows off this classic cake’s dainty white bows.

    Photo Credit: AltF Photographers

  • Crystals


    Whether suspended as a mobile or surrounding the cake as a veil, dazzling crystals add a touch of glitz and glam.

  • Writing Desk

    Writing Desk

    A vintage writing desk, lush blooms, and candles create a Victorian-inspired look.

  • Suspended Cake

    Suspended Cake

    A suspended cake has a magical effect, especially when overlooking the sparkling ocean. We love how ivy and white petals dress up this swing.

    Photo Credit: Detito Photography

  • Cylinder Pedestal

    Cylinder Pedestal

    Clear glass cylinder vases housing fuchsia blooms make for an interesting cake pedestal.

  • Artwork


    If your reception area features eye-catching art on its walls, take advantage of it as the scenery for your cake. This white cake pops against an ornate blue and gold cherub painting.

    Photo Credit: Damaris Mia

25 Creative Ways to Show Off Your Wedding Cake

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