20+ Mini Cakes With Maximum Style

With guest lists shrinking due to COVID-19 restrictions, the mini cake trend is on the rise. These small one-tier desserts give you a chance to show off your style without waste. Some mini cakes are so tiny that they're meant for just the bride and groom, giving you the best of both worlds: You still get to enjoy your cake-cutting, while your guests are safely served sheet cake from the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite designs.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Topped With Fruit

    Topped With Fruit

    Glazed berries add a delicious and eye-appealing touch to your cake.

  • Rainbow


    Bring on the fun with a multi-colored naked cake topped with sprinkles! 

  • Lace


    An intricate lace design, glamorous cake stand, and oversized topper make this mini cake feel larger than life.

  • Berries


    Add color and dimension to a small cake with an abundant assortment of berries on top.

  • Watercolor Mix

    Watercolor Mix

    A fresh take on the watercolor cake, a gold-flaked border and fun flowers give this cake a modern feel. 

  • Geode


    A cutout in the geode design adds an extra element of realism to this gorgeous cake. 

  • Textured


    Take a simple white cake to the next level with a pretty curved design and dramatic florals.

  • Gilded


    A golden touch is sure to make your cake sparkle. 

  • Sprinkles


    A sprinkled cake is sure to put a smile on your face. 

  • Cozy Sweater

    Cozy Sweater

    A cableknit design is a perfect fit for a winter wedding. 

  • Ganache


    Dripped chocolate and fresh flowers perfectly top this simple cake.

  • Rosette


    A pretty rosette design creates a soft, luxe look.

  • Naked


    A naked cake doesn't necessarily mean less frosting! This beautiful cake doubles up on the delicious filling.

  • Textured


    Clean white lines, paired with a linear topper, creates a simple yet stunning cake. 

  • Ganache


    Dripped caramel gives this cake a gorgeous color and taste. 

  • Funfetti


    Cookie dough bites are the icing on the cake with this delicious design. 

  • Chocolate


    Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This naked cake is filled with salted caramel and chocolate fudge. 

  • Textured


    Pretty lines and soft flowers create an ultra-romantic mini cake. 

  • Glitter Dipped

    Glitter Dipped

    Dress up a classic white cake with a dusting of glitter around the edge. 

  • Gone Camping

    Gone Camping

    Create a mini cake that is uniquely yours with a theme that truly reflects your personalities. 

  • Frosted Bundt

    Frosted Bundt

    A classic Bundt cake is the perfect size. Make it wedding-ready with a gorgeous frosting design and classic topper. 

  • Cheesecake


    Rich and indulgent cheesecake is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

20+ Mini Cakes With Maximum Style