50 Contemporary Wedding Cakes

Long gone are the days of the traditional white wedding cake. Today, more and more brides and grooms are opting for a cake that reflects both their personalities and the wedding’s theme or sizing down on the cake size to incorporate a more diverse sweets table. The result? A dessert that is stunning, unique, and modern. Think personal patterns, metallic accents, artsy adornments, marble frosting. We could rave on about these beautiful touches, but why don’t you take a look yourself?

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  • Artsy and Industrial

    Artsy and Industrial

    Industrial meets cozy in rugged strokes of chocolate brown and metallic gold.

    Photo Credit: Rustic White Photography / Cake by Sugar and Slate


  • Modern Mix

    Modern Mix

    With a different personality in every layer, this three-tiered cake is a work of art. Crystals, quartz, and geodes combine with copper and marbled fondant for an edgy, yet feminine look.

    Photo Credit: Kristina Adams / Cake by Rooney Girl Bakeshop


  • Black One Tier

    Black One Tier

    Moody and dark, this single mini cake is modernly romantic with a black body and hand-painted roses.

    Photo Credit: Lindsay Nickel Photography / Cake by Sugar by Tracy


  • Cracked Surface

    Cracked Surface

    Clean and simple, this minimalistic cake revels in elegant beauty. Intentional gilded cracks show that imperfections can be beautiful, and fondant gem clusters create a bohemian chic vibe.

    Photo Credit: Siobhan H Photography / Cake by Andi Freeman Cakes


  • Primary Hues

    Primary Hues

    Watercolor blots in primary hues give this wedding cake a fun and playful vibe.

    Photo Credit: Sylvie Gil Photography / Cake by The Whole Cake


  • Slick Marble

    Slick Marble

    Thick marble-inspired swirls mimic the inside of a geode and create a sleek finish. A splash of gold adds a bit of a glam.

  • Autumn Decadence

    Autumn Decadence

    Dripping in deep hues, this slender fall-inspired cake is wickedly good. A rich plum color, honeycomb top tier, and fondant floral adornments play up various textures.

    Photo Credit: Dina Chmut / Cake by Artisan Cake Company

  • Brushstrokes


    This single cake may be mini in size, but it sure is large in color, with wisps of teal and orchid and a splattering of metallic gold.

  • Jewel Tone Geode

    Jewel Tone Geode

    Gems and geodes make this white tiered cake pop with vibrant jewel tones.

  • Airbrushed


    This airbrushed cake imitates the husky tones of the beach’s sand and green sea, complemented by crystal toppings and encrusted salt around the edges.

    Photo Credit: Laura Murray Photography / Cake by Vanilla Bake Shop


  • Modern Rustic

    Modern Rustic

    Rustic meets modern in this two-tiered cake with a slightly naked top layer and marble bottom later. The result is romantically whimsy.

    Photo Credit: Jeff Brummett Visuals / Cake by Loft 22 Cakes

  • Agate Beauty

    Agate Beauty

    This agate cake in stunning teal and copper is nothing short of a masterpiece.

    Photo Credit: Marisa Belle Photography / Cake by 21 Cakes

  • Watercolor Swatches

    Watercolor Swatches

    Thick, rough amethyst and gold watercolor swatches transform this cake into an oil painting.

    Photo Credit: Connie Whitlock / Cake by Megan Joy Cakes

  • Greenery


    This may be a classic white cake, but a draping of olive garlands gives it a whole new look with a bit of Grecian inspiration.

  • Watercolors


    Watercolor blue mimics the oceans waves, with heavy drips of metallic gold icing for a bit of edge.

    Photo Credit: La Vie Douce Design

  • Preppy Stripes

    Preppy Stripes

    Solid gold stripes bring a preppy and timeless twist to a white wedding cake. A single bloom brings a touch of romance.

  • Ombré


    From soft brick to red to neon orange, this ombré cake is a colorful delight.

    Photo Credit: Blest Studios

  • Modern Luxury

    Modern Luxury

    A black canvas and jagged gold steaks make this sumptuous cake luxe and chic.

    Photo Credit: Anna Delores Photography / Cake by MJB Cakes

  • Shades of Pink

    Shades of Pink

    Watercolor drips in various shades of pink, red, and peach make this cylindrical cake hot, hot, hot, ideal for a bright summer wedding.

  • Bohemian Vibes

    Bohemian Vibes

    A pastel marble bottom tier, metallic gold paint splatters, and feather accents lend this cake an understated Bohemian flair.

    Photo Credit: Suegraphy / Cake by Sugarlips Cakes

  • Arabian Nights

    Arabian Nights

    Handmade sugar gems in vibrant hues, detailed motifs, and hand-painted shades of blue and gold evoke a rich, enchanting, and exotic feel.

  • Layers


    Ombre plum ruffle layers lend this cake a bit of whimsical charm, coupled with a wreath of greenery for an organic touch.

  • Crystals and Beads

    Crystals and Beads

    A thick layer of gold fondant beads and crystals graces the top tier for a vintage 1920s look in a modern style — a perfectly subtle juxtaposition.

    Photo Credit: Krista Esterling / Cake by The Copper Hen

  • Scales


    Scales in a mix of blue, green, and purple hues take inspiration from mermaids at sea.

    Photo Credit: Warm Photo / Cake by Tortik Annushka

  • Winter Romance

    Winter Romance

    Icy blue, whispers of metallic silver, and delicate lace captures the essence of a Parisian winter.

    Photo Credit: Catherine O’Hara / Cake by Berties CupCakery

  • Impressionism Touches

    Impressionism Touches

    Blurred watercolor brushstrokes steal the show in this artistic cake, reminiscent of Impressionism. The couple’s monogram hand-painted in the middle adds a personal touch.

  • Soft Marble

    Soft Marble

    Marble gray and delicate gold iced hibiscus combine for soft, modern romance.

  • Street Art

    Street Art

    This rainbow of a wedding cake takes inspiration from bold street art. Placed in the middle of an art gallery, it looks like a piece of art itself.

    Photo Credit: Katie Lopez Photography / Cake by Sugar Fancies


  • Agate Geodes

    Agate Geodes

    Agate geodes influence the striking emerald design of the bottom tier, while a classy black and gold top tier serves as an elegant contrast to the jewel tone.

    Photo Credit: Apryl Ann Photography / Cake by Sugar Bee Sweets

  • Copper Foil

    Copper Foil

    Each tier crafts its own persona, from a simple white to a copper foil appearance to hand-painted spring flowers. Topped with roses, the look is eclectic romance.

    Photo Credit: Live View Studios / Cake by Sugar Euphoria

  • Ruffles


    A bottom tier rich in ruffles pays homage to the frills of a wedding dress for a feminine look in a sultry, opulent blue.

  • Pleats


    Rustic merges with glam in gilded pleats and a topper of summer botany.

    Photo Credit: Kristin La Voie Photography / Cake by Urban Icing

  • Square Tiers

    Square Tiers

    Gunmetal black buttercream lend this cake a concrete resemblance while offset square tiers provide a bit of edge. Dripping edible gold paint, raw quartz, and tumbling amaranthus finish off the look.

    Photo Credit: Christina Marie Photography / Cake by Kuba Kreations


  • Sky Blue

    Sky Blue

    Why have traditional white when your cake can match the color of the sky? Warm florals juxtapose with a cool blue for some sunny elegance.

  • Gilded Cake

    Gilded Cake

    This dreamy one-tiered cake is drenched in glamorous romance, from cascading red blooms to a gilded body rife in texture.

    Photo Credit: Natashia Nicole Photography / Cake by Jenny’s Cake


  • Navy Watercolors

    Navy Watercolors

    Thick navy watercolor splotches grace only the bottom tier of this cake for a simple, yet stunning look. A hint of silver metallic frosting skirting the edges combines for a wintry feel.

    Photo Credit: Maria Lamb / Cake by Sainte G. Cake Company


  • Geometric Designs

    Geometric Designs

    This non-traditional cake is all about the shapes. Round and hexagonal silhouettes contrast with one other while various geometric designs play together for an urban artsy vibe.

    Photo Credit: Clique Photography / Cake by Bang Pop Shop


  • Metallic Frosting

    Metallic Frosting

    With a sleek black finish and gold metallic frosting, this three-tiered cake makes a dramatic statement. Coupled with a purple flower, the result is autumn romance.

    Photo Credit: Tyler Branch Photo / Cake by Frost It Cakery


  • Watercolor Brushstrokes

    Watercolor Brushstrokes

    This dreamy cake painted in soft pastel watercolors calls to mind a magical seaside escape. 

  • Agate Slices

    Agate Slices

    Lights and darks combine for a dramatic feel, accented with agate slices. Pastel and black have never looked so good.

    Photo Credit: Leighanne Herr / Cake by The Custom Cakery

  • Geometric Lines

    Geometric Lines

    From a hexagonal shape to a marble pattern and copper foil icing triangles, this cake knows how to play up geometry.

    Photo Credit: Katie Shuler Photography / Cake by Whisk and Whittle


  • Abstract Art

    Abstract Art

    This magnificent cake truly is art. Square and rectangle accents in intricate watercolors offset four square tiers for an abstract look that perfectly mirrors the painting behind it.

  • Gold Medallions

    Gold Medallions

    This wedding cake is a wine lover’s dream. A scattered gold medallion appearance provides texture underneath an adornment of wine grapes, figs, and blackberries, all for a Bordeaux inspired look.

    Photo Credit: Emily Steffen Photography / Cake by Cocoa & Fig

  • Musical Notes

    Musical Notes

    Unique patterns like musical notes are an ideal way to reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. In this cake, the look is beautifully whimsical.

    Photo Credit: Love by Serena / Cake by Sweet Fix RVA

  • Jewel Tones

    Jewel Tones

    A light cobalt blue marble pattern, deep red flora, and flecks of gold make this cake a jewel-toned masterpiece.

    Photo Credit: KT Crabb Photography / Cake by Anna Cakes

  • Tropical Vibes

    Tropical Vibes

    A smattering of oversized palm leaves along the spine of this timeless marble cake creates a tropical flair.

    Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography / Cake by Sugar Couture


  • Mussel Shells

    Mussel Shells

    This white and gray-blue cake features loose-handed brushstrokes in different directions, taking a cue from the laidback vibes of the surrounding beach, with an adornment of hand-painted gold mussel shells for a full sea effect.

  • Organic Charm

    Organic Charm

    A stunning plum and gold corner geode design and botanic accents lend this square tiered cake an earthy and organic charm.

    Photo Credit: Our Love is Loud / Cake by Astonishing Cakes


  • Multiple Geodes

    Multiple Geodes

    Corner geodes in gold, silver, and violet blue are all this simple white cake needs for a breathtaking look. Paired with a matching agate topper, this cake is a real gem.

    Photo Credit: Tyler Rye Photography / Cake by Sweet Cakes by Karen 

  • Metallic Stripes

    Metallic Stripes

    Carefree wispy stripes of metallic gold add a bit of rustic glam to this garden inspired cake.

50 Contemporary Wedding Cakes

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