25+ Creative Save-the-Date Ideas

You’re engaged — congratulations! Near the top of your to-do list: choosing a creative save-the-date to give your guests a thoughtful heads-up. Your options are plentiful, ranging from the very formal to the truly original and quirky. Take some time to choose a style that reflects your personality or gives a glimpse of your theme and décor. You’ll be inspired by these fun and innovative ideas. 

By: Mary Wozniak

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  • Fish in the Sea

    Fish in the Sea

    Celebrate your growing love with this cute pun. Handmade seed paper is embedded with pretty garden flower seeds, ready for planting.

    Photo Credit: Holly Nelson via Recycled Ideas

  • View-Master


    For some retro fun, add your engagement photos to a custom photo reel and viewer.

    Photo courtesy of Image 3D (reel photography by JJ Preston Photography)

  • Legos


    Your guests will love this cute and incredibly unique design. 

    Photo Credit: David Wilkes via typo56/Etsy

  • Boarding Pass

    Boarding Pass

    A personalized boarding pass will set the stage for a fun-in-the-sun destination wedding.

    Photo courtesy of Save the Date Originals

  • Caricatures


    Capture the unique personalities of the bride and groom with amusing customized caricatures.

    Photo courtesy of Illustrate the Date / Artwork by Devin Hunt

  • Tree Carvings

    Tree Carvings

    Carving your names into a tree imparts a bit of nostalgic romance — but these days, you don't need to actually cut into a tree. Digitally-carved names and date ensure that no trees are harmed!

  • Puzzle Pieces

    Puzzle Pieces

    You complete each other! Announce your date with handmade wooden puzzle piece magnets.

    Photo Credit: Asen Halachev via Wood Wedding Dreams/Etsy

  • Scratch-Off


    Let your guests know that you’re lucky in love with a scratch-off ticket save-the-date.

    Photo courtesy of Diva Gone Domestic

  • Pop-Up Card

    Pop-Up Card

    A pop-up design is a unique take on the traditional paper stationery.

    Photo redit: Don Mamone via Doodle Dog Advertising

  • Pets


    Animal lovers can include their favorite pet in the big event. Getting your cat in that tux? Totally up to you.

  • Movie Poster

    Movie Poster

    Capture the drama of your love with a movie poster theme. With a little creativity, you can recreate your favorite iconic movie scene.

    Photo Credit: Maxine Olhava via TEDesigns / design by Erin Domach

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle

    These completely personalized crossword puzzles challenge your guests: just how much do they know about the future bride and groom?

    Photo Credit: Lauren Pinchin via Boutique Rubiazul/Etsy

  • Laser-Cut Card

    Laser-Cut Card

    Choose a sweet and whimsical design with imported laser-cut stationery.

  • Library Card

    Library Card

    Book-loving couples can share their love story with this novel library card save-the-date.

    Photo Credit: Matthew DiLuzio via WeDueDates/Etsy

  • Ticket


    Just the ticket for your big event, these magnetic tickets can be adapted to a sports, concert, or Broadway theme.

    Photo courtesy of Save the Date Originals

  • Map


    Map your destination wedding with a beautiful hand-painted watercolor design.

    Photo Credit: Michelle Mospens of Mospens Studio

  • Egg


    Looking for a totally unique idea? Break the news with this ingenious “break it open” egg, handmade to order by Break the News.

  • Message in a Bottle

    Message in a Bottle

    Send out a fanciful message in a bottle — a great choice for your beach or destination wedding.

    Photo courtesy of WeddingsAway/Etsy

  • Koozie


    Send your friends and family a save-the-date that they’ll put to good use.

    Photo courtesy of SipHipHooray/Etsy

  • Balloons


    Who wouldn’t love finding one of these DIY balloon save-the-dates in their mailbox? Your wedding date and location is revealed after being inflated. Get the instructions here!

    Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise

  • Pencil


    Guarantee that your friends and loved ones will pencil you in with this clever DIY printable.

    Photo courtesy of Lovely Little Party/Etsy

  • Postcard


    Lovely vintage scenic destination postcards provide a charming view of your wedding location, customized to your city, state, or venue.

    Photo courtesy of Lucky Luxe

  • Airmail


    Deliver your message by air with a printable vintage airmail airplane.

    Photo courtesy of Hip Hip Hooray

  • Hankie


    Make a beautiful first impression with elegant handkerchief designs, available as save-the-dates and invitations.

    Photo courtesy of Lucky Luxe

  • Ouija Board

    Ouija Board

    The future is yours. DIY your save-the-date with this innovative (and free!) ouija board printable.

    Photo courtesy of Offbeat Bride / design by Bijoux and Bits

  • Superman


    Share your wedding adventure with a superhero save the date.

    Photo courtesy of Studio 333 Designs/Etsy

  • Cookie


    Send a sweet reminder of your wedding date with these beautifully decorated homemade cookies that can be matched to your color scheme.

    Photo courtesy of Sugary Charm/Etsy

25+ Creative Save-the-Date Ideas

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