12 Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

From confectionary concoctions to flavorful mini Proseccos, find wedding favors that even the pickiest invitees will like!

1. Double Good Popcorn

Salty and sweet, this popcorn brand is more than just a snack. 50 Percent of every dollar spent goes to funding sports for kids with special needs.

Popcorn Wedding Favor 

2. Mionetto Mini Prosecco

Fun-sized and full of bubbles, mini Prosecco allows guests to continue the celebration long after the reception.

Mini Champagne Favors 

3. Custom M&Ms

A nod to graduation parties and sweet 16’s, custom M&M’s are making a come back, and we’re here for it.

M&M Party Favors 

4. Custom Cookies

Send guests home with an iced creation almost too pretty to eat. Your wedding date, plus new last name makes this favor is a no-brainer.

Wedding Cookie Favors 

5. Cake Pops

Bite-sized and super sweet, cake pops make a perfect treat!

Cake Pop part favor 

Photo: John Yao 

6. Rainbow Cookies

Cater your treats to you as a couple. So, if you met in the early 2000’s, opt for a treat prevalent at the time – like these amazing rainbow cakes from Zola Bakes.

Rainbow Treats 

7. Cupcakes

With a variety of flavors to choose from, just add a to-go bag and everyone is happy!

Cupcake Party Favors
Photo: Phoebe Neel – Ephemera Designs

8. Homemade Honey

Love is sweet, and so is this idea for a wedding favor. If you’re more of a jam type of couple, swap the honey out for your favorite preserves.

Homemade Honey Wedding Favor 

9. Personal Pies

Cutie pies as they are affectionately called, are simply adorable.

Sweetie Pie Wedding Favor 

10. Chocolate Bars

Whether you choose classic milk chocolate or spice things up with salted caramel, these bars are sure to be the talk of the town! Plus custom wrapping adds a sweet touch.Custom Chocolate Bar Wrapping Party Favor 

11. Monogrammed Hot Sauce

Spice things up with custom hot sauce, so guests know just how spicy your marriage will be. 

Custom Hot Sauce Party Favor 

12. Couple Cocktails

Take advantage of the couple's cocktail trend and send your loved ones home with the ingredients to make their own!

Wedding Cocktail
Photo: Studio B Photography