100+ Favor and Shower Prize Ideas

Not sure what to give your guests? Browse this list for lots and lots of options.

Favor Bars

No, not chocolate bars. These are line-ups of craft supplies at a table where guests can create their own custom-made favors in a scent, color or design of their choosing. Consider the following:

  • Massage oil bar: You supply small bottles of oil, then set out a variety of scented essential oils, like rose, musk, lemon, sandalwood, etc. Guests can mix their own scents in a pure aroma or combine several favorites for a unique blend.
  • Bath salt bar: Set out pretty containers of scented and colored bath salts, along with scoops and clean containers in a variety of shapes. Guests create their own layered bath salt dispensers in colors that match their bathroom decor.
  • Potpourri bar: Set out several different kinds of potpourri mixes, along with several different kinds of containers. Again, guests can choose their favorites or mix their own arrangements.
  • Chocolate candy bar: Set out baskets or containers ready to be filled with the guests’ selections from a dozen or so brands of mini chocolates or flavored truffles in dessert cups.
  • Pamper me bar: Guests fill their "shopping bags" or baskets with an assortment of mini- or travel-sized pampering items, such as cuticle creams, lotions, lip glosses, lip shimmer, body glitter, bronzing powder, shine spray, colored eye pencils, lipstick cases, perfume spritzers, soaps and oil blotting papers.
  • Photo bar: Get out those one-time-use cameras (offered in a range of colors and styles at Kodak.com) and have guests take fun pictures on their own cameras throughout the party.

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