100+ Favor and Shower Prize Ideas

Not sure what to give your guests? Browse this list for lots and lots of options.

As a brilliant bridal shower host, you’ll want to get great favors and prizes the guests will love! Since the same types of items would work both as favors and as game prizes, browse through the categories on the following pages to find ones that are suited for the shower’s theme and your budget.

Before we get to the lists, here's a reminder of the best places to shop for these gift items:

  • Craft stores: You can find everything from silver frames to candles and their holders at a huge discount store. Plus, you may be able to get further price cuts on bulk buys.
  • Party supply stores: Naturally this type of store provides aisles and aisles of cute, theme-oriented items that are perfect for favors and gifts.
  • Bookstores: Little gift books, calendars, frames, CDs and collections of essays are all found here, in addition to fun gift items like magnetic poetry sets, temporary word tattoos and bookmarks.
  • Dollar stores: For gag gifts and even candles, frames and potpourri, the dollar store is an inexpensive resource for game prizes.
  • Candy store: Whether it’s a custom-made chocolate shop or one of those brightly-colored, sweet-smelling bulk candy stores with bins of jelly beans, it's a great place to load up on confections and gift containers.
  • Liquor stores: Gor here, not just for bottles of wine, but for smaller bottles of liqueurs, wine enthusiast supplies (such as books, magazines, wine charms, cork stoppers, etc.) and gourmet snacks and goodies.
  • Shop stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Kohl's for inexpensive fashion items, books, beauty items and more.

Now that you know where to shop, here's what to shop:

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