100+ Favor and Shower Prize Ideas

Not sure what to give your guests? Browse this list for lots and lots of options.

Gifts of Charity

Some hosts prefer to make a donation to charity in lieu of favors (both at weddings and at bridal showers), especially if the bride or groom is very active with a particular foundation or cause. If you’re considering such a decision, create pretty announcement cards using attractive card stock, and attach a little something to the card, so the guests get a little treat as well. Some ideas:

  • Foil-wrapped chocolate heart to accompany a donation to The Heart Foundation
  • Pink ribbon pin to accompany a donation towards the fight against breast cancer
  • Small panda magnet to accompany a donation to the World Wildlife Fund
  • Small starfish magnet or charm to accompany a donation to an oceanography institute
  • Pack of mints as a "breath of fresh air" to accompany a donation to the American Lung Cancer Association
  • Framed version of the firefighter heroes postage stamp to accompany a donation to any 9/11 organization or firefighters' widows and children’s fund
  • Baby picture of the bride to accompany a donation to the March of Dimes
  • Small picture book on the same subject to accompany a donation to a specific charity working to save baby seals, whales, the spotted owl, etc.

Please check out any charity or foundation you’re planning to donate to at CharityNavigator.org, a clearinghouse that publishes the ratings and legitimacy of established charities.

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