100+ Favor and Shower Prize Ideas

Not sure what to give your guests? Browse this list for lots and lots of options.

Favors with a Future

  • Picture frames (with or without a photo of you and the guest): Choose from swirly Victorian silver styles to modern silver frames, laser-cut wood frames, novelty frames with decorations, "talking" frames that play a song or message in your own voice or a frame on which you’ve engraved the person’s name or a favorite quote.
  • Custom photo gifts: If you have a great photo of the bride, or even a great photo that works with your theme (such as a shot of the Eiffel Tower or a sunset over the ocean), feature it on a keepsake favor or prize. Visit Shutterfly.com or KodakGallery.com for options. These sites can imprint your photo on anything from coffee mugs to magnets, t-shirts to calendars, mouse pads to coasters.
  • Books: Choose from inspirational gift books, poetry collections, quote books, humor titles, books by a favorite author, recipe collections or small, graphic-oriented books that work with your theme, such as a book about flowers, seashells, lighthouses, etc.
  • Bookmarks: Printed either with theme-oriented graphics such as the Eiffel Tower or a Tuscan vineyard, famous quotes like Anais Nin’s Dreams are Necessary to Life, superheroes and children’s book characters, flowers, sand castles, inspirational sayings, etc.
  • CDs and iTunes gift cards
  • DVDs: Connect these to your theme, such as romantic films or movies from the 1980’s, and buy a wide variety of films so guests have a choice.
  • Journals with pens: Shop both large and indie bookstores for a wide range of journals with decorative covers and quotes and messages.
  • Magnets, keychains and coffee mugs with sayings, quotes or pictures
  • Travel decanters
  • Holiday ornaments: If you shop on holiday weekends or after the holidays, these come cheaply and in a variety of styles, colors and intricate decor.
  • Potted flowering plants or seedlings: The guests can plant and watch them grow for a season or forever. Inexpensive option: Buy well-grown rosemary seedlings that stand more than four inches tall and wrap the plain plastic holder with colored foil and a ribbon. Or get larger pots or baskets and transplant a selection of mint, rosemary, chives, parsley or other herbs for a kitchen garden. Or give a basket of seed packets with gardening gloves and a mini how-to gardening book.

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