100+ Favor and Shower Prize Ideas

Not sure what to give your guests? Browse this list for lots and lots of options.

Mood-Setting Favors

  • Candles: Choose from an enormous variety of shapes, colors, scents and sizes at the craft shop. Add a pretty candle holder or candle platform tray to complete the gift.
  • Aromatherapy products: They might be candles, scent oils, lavender water bottles (for adding to the laundry when you’re washing bedsheets and towels), scented room mists, rub-on scents and potpourri.
  • Pampering products: Fill mini baskets with assorted pampering products like hand creams, cocoa butter lotions, oatmeal soaps, hair products like shine enhancers, bright and sparkly nail polishes, etc.
  • Massage basket: Fill a basket or tin with a selection of massage oils in several scents (vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and jasmine are just a few romantic choices), add a gift book or DVD on couples' massages how-to, foot massage and reflexology charts, and a CD of relaxing music.
  • CDs: Select a variety of mood-enhancing music from soft jazz to instrumental to Native American sounds. Pick your favorites or ask a store clerk to help you choose some unique selections.
  • Champagne basket: Fill a basket with a great champagne and two champagne glasses and add in a small packet of fresh strawberries, which will enhance the flavor of the drink.
  • Wines: Visit WineSpectator.com for ideas on unique vintages and the latest top-rated wines on the market.
  • Single flowers: The most elegant and beautiful favor I ever received was a single freshly-cut white gardenia set in a clear, square Lucite box, with silk greenery and just a bit of water added to the box to keep the flower moist. Simply gorgeous. Another option might be individually-wrapped single roses, lilies, sunflowers or a big, bright Gerbera daisy.
  • Gift certificates for dinner or dessert at a dimly-lit, romantic restaurant or lounge in town. This could be the big prize for a game since it’s a pricey gift!

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