12 Perks of a Longer Engagement

If your wedding date was pushed back thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, then you may find yourself facing a longer engagement period than you ever expected. Here are 12 reasons why it's beneficial to have a lengthy engagement!

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Better Execution of Your Wedding Vision

"Many couples are finding the silver lining in longer engagements, especially with all that's going on in the world right now. Having extra time gives them more time to make sure they get what they are really envisioning for the big day, whether it is because there is more time to save money or because they can't be rushed into making decisions." —Karen Collins, KMC Weddings and Events

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Financial Flexibility

“One of the best perks of a longer engagement is the financial flexibility it provides! With a longer engagement, you're able to spread out payments to vendors over a greater period of time, allowing you to earn and replenish your bank account throughout the planning process. I've seen this concept ease stress for previous couples who've had longer engagements.” —Brooke Avishay of Orange Blossom Special Events

You've also gained the opportunity to save for a "splurge" item that may not have been in the cards before. Save for your dream honeymoon — traveling is a challenge (to say the least) right now anyway, so reward yourself with that fantasy honeymoon you never thought possible when the restrictions ease up. Or maybe you've had your eye on a pricey designer wedding gown or a diamond eternity band; with the gift of extra time, you can put away a little money each month and splurge on your top choice.

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Booking the Best Vendors


“Another great perk of a longer engagement is the flexibility to snag the best vendors early before they're booked! If you're ahead of the game compared to other engaged couples, you'll surely have a lot of options when it comes to booking your florist, band, and photographer. More options can also ease the stress and pressure of planning your wedding.” —Brooke Avishay of Orange Blossom Special Events

Less Stress

“As most couples getting married today are young professionals, the extra time will lessen your stress levels. You can spread out the tasks of wedding planning over time to really enjoy the engagement and planning process.” —Nora Sheils, Founder of Bridal Bliss

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Re-Focusing on What’s Important

"We've all procrastinated and crammed for a test last-minute, and we've all seen how that turns out. Occasionally, you can pull off something great. More often than not, there are moments you look back on and acknowledge if you would've had more time, you could've really nailed it. This same logic applies to your wedding. While the standard timeline is about one year from engagement to aisle-walking, 2020 has seen more and more couples postponing 1 to 2 years from their original date. With this comes the gift of time. I'm encouraging all of my couples to take a look at the day we'd originally planned and focus in on what they really want their guests to experience. The conversations surrounding this have been both enlightening and eye-opening." —Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

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Rethinking Priorities

"Take stock of what's most important, what you want to make a priority, and what speaks to your soul -- the best compliment you can receive about your wedding is that it was wholly a reflection of you and your SO!” —Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

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Enjoy the Engagement Phase More

"Having a longer engagement is perfect because it really gives you and your significant other time to enjoy being engaged! You guys are planning on spending your life together and all that comes with that; what's the harm in enjoying the engagement phase of it, instead of rushing towards that wedding stress? Also, this helps you both figure out what you actually want and what means the most to you both for your wedding day!" —Vanessa Hicks Photography

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Time to Focus on Other Things

"The best part of having a longer engagement is 'time.' You'll work with your planner to create a customized road map for your planning. Because let's face it, planning a wedding is a full-time job, right? So, you will have more time to do other things in between planning your dream wedding." —Weddings by Susan Dunne

Take the Next Step First

Extending your engagement doesn't mean you have to put your life on hold. “Take this opportunity to find your dream home and work together to make it your own, and when you come back from the honeymoon, you can walk over the threshold together.” —Amy Abbott, Amy Abbott Events

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Get in Shape Together

“Use this long engagement to get together with your fiancé for a pre-wedding health survey. Meet with a nutritionist and a wellness coach and devise the perfect plan for your pre wedding fitness program, and walk down the aisle in the best possible shape and health possible.” —Amy Abbott, Amy Abbott Events

Have Multiple Smaller Celebrations

Large engagement parties and bridal showers may be on hold for now, but that actually gives you a chance to celebrate even more! “Take advantage of this opportunity to have smaller get-together with different groups of friends. This could entail a few small engagement parties and bridal showers, and bachelor/bachelorette celebrations. Flexibility in timing will prevent having to force everything and cram it all together. Enjoy the little celebrations, and enjoy quality time with your friends and family.” —Amy Abbott, Amy Abbott Events

Build a Better Relationship Foundation

"Many couples are using the stress and uncertainty of wedding planning during this pandemic as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship. The many uncertainties and emotions caused by COVID-19 present engaged couples with a unique opportunity to lean on each other for support, make difficult decisions as a unit, and work together as a team to navigate a truly unprecedented situation. This uniquely stressful process can ultimately strengthen the bond for those couples who successfully navigate it because they’ve become resilient together. My engaged clients who choose this path are entering marriage more connected than they may have been if they were engaged during 'normal' life! While the pandemic has caused so much pain and disappointment, it has also forced engaged couples to clarify and prioritize their most cherished values, which for nearlyweds is a wonderful exercise in intentionality and collaboration.

"My engaged clients are slowing down a wedding planning process that often occurs on autopilot and conforms with larger wedding trends and traditions that may not reflect the couple’s priorities and values. Instead, these intentional couples reflect on and discuss what really matters to them in life, allowing them to compromise while planning a meaningful (albeit smaller!) wedding that represents and honors both partners’ priorities and values.  In this way, the pandemic is forcing couples to slow down and engage in wedding planning with incredible heart and purpose." —Elizabeth Wellington, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist & Founder of Kinship Collaborative

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