The 6 Emotional Stages of Planning a Wedding

It's no surprise that planning a wedding can make you break out the tissues; as it turns out, there are distinct emotional phases you may go through before getting married. You can experience these stages in any order, and every person's experience is just as unique as their wedding.

Stage 1: Pure Joy

Pop the champagne corks: This is really happening! Getting engaged to my husband Jason was a surreal experience, even though I had a feeling that bended-knee moment was coming. I was initiated into the incredibly wonderful (and wacky) world of weddings. I nostalgically look back on all of my wedding experiences now that my proofs are back, my beautiful wedding dress is dangling from a closet door, waiting to be preserved, and I'm transitioning into my role as a wife.

But the truth is that the source of my happiness was deeper than all of that. The Most Epic Party of Our Lives would just be the first of many adventures together: buying a house, traveling the world, and hopefully having a baby someday. Professing our commitment added another dimension to our relationship, no matter how cliché it sounds.

How to make the most of this stage:
Prolong the engagement bliss as long as you can before you have to buckle down and start making some big decisions. Talk with your fiancé about your wishes for the wedding, but don't start asking everyone for advice on nitty-gritty details or scheduling that dress appointment before you've had a chance to discuss logistics — that'll come in due time.

engaged couple
Stealing a kiss at my cousin's wedding.

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