25 Brilliant Tricks to Score Free Swag for Your Wedding

These smart and savvy strategies will let you (and your wallet) add a happy bounce to your step in the weeks and months leading up to saying “I do.”

21. Get some free swag on us for your wedding day!

Here at Bridal Guide, we're constantly offering amazing sweepstakes. Check our "Win" section frequently for a chance to win couple getaways, a free wedding gown, and unbeatable swag for your bridal party. Hey, you never know! Also look for honeymoon giveaways in unconventional places, like from your favorite band, author, or sports team.

22. Be savvy with your band selection

“During the band selection process, ask if one of its members can DJ during the band’s breaks or even take over the playlist for the after party at no additional cost to you,” offers Redmond. For your after-party, also consider apps like Spotify, which even have lists of the top wedding songs and give you the ability to customize your tunes. "Crash Into Me" reprise, anyone?

23. Shine up that engagement ring

Ready, set, let’s sparkle! As a bride, chances are, you’ve been wearing your glistening stunner for a while before your big walk down the aisle. “Instead of doing a basic cleaning, the jeweler you purchased the ring from will usually [throw in a free upgrade to] a ‘Wedding Day’ cleaning which is a deeper, looks-like-new cleaning,” shares Pavini. Like-new splendor for your nuptials and photographic wonder? Don’t mind if we (say I) do.

24. Score a better deal on your dress

"When you're at the store, ask to look floor samples," says Pavini. "These are dresses that the store used for brides to try on. You can get good deals on these dresses!" Also, if you notice a slight imperfection on a floor sample (something practically imperceptible to most, so you can live with buying!), don't be afraid to ask for a steeper discount.

25. Dig into more heaping spoonfuls of cake

Mmmmm... it’s the moment your tastebuds (and uncle, college roommate, best friend from middle school, and swim team relay race partner) have been dreaming of. “Cakes can add an additional $800-$1,200 to the budget,” says Pavini. "Here’s a great tip so you can still enjoy the elegance of a wedding cake but the practicality of a sheet cake: Ask your baker to create a small decorative cake for you to put your cake topper on and for the two of you to cut. Then, have them make the rest of the cake to be served as a basic frosted sheet cake. It’s the same cake but far less expensive!” It’s pretty much like getting two or three cakes for the price of one. And in case you want to hold onto the tasty magic for another year, here’s a refresher on preserving your cake



As I'm planning my wedding, I would never consider asking a student in a college music program to play for free or for "experience and exposure." A musician in college has likely already put in at the very least 6 years of practice and hard work, so "exposure" is never fair payment. Would you ask someone in culinary school to make your entire meal for free or "exposure"? No, because they would have to pay for the food and supplies. In the same way, your musicians have payed thousands of dollars for their intstrument and music.