Real Couples' Favorite Wedding-Day Memories

You spend months — if not years — planning your big day. But which of those special moments will you truly remember long after the last song ends? Here, real couples reveal their favorite big-day memories. 

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Dance Floor Hijinks

    Dance Floor Hijinks

    Danielle and Erik did the Hora and Hava Nagila, traditional Jewish dances, to honor the groom's religious upbringing. “It was a rockin’ party on the dance floor — exactly what we wanted!” Danielle said.

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    Photo Credit: Andres Valenzuela

  • Fireworks Finale

    Fireworks Finale

    After hours of dancing, band members finally asked everyone to join Alexia and Blaine for a toast on the terrace; from there they watched a dazzling fireworks display. "The fireworks lit up the lake and the sky. Standing on the hill, watching them with Blaine, I thought, 'We did it!'" the bride says.

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    Photo Credit: Emily Angle

  • The First Dance

    The First Dance

    Dana and Whitaker took dance lessons for almost three months to prepare for their first dance — and they loved it so much that they still take lessons! They impressed guests with a fun dance to "Almost Like Being in Love" by Nat King Cole. Before the reception, Dana changed to a shorter dress to prepare ("We did a swing dance, so I needed something where I could spin and kick!"). 

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    Photo Credit: Abby Rose Photo

  • Roses In Remembrance

    Roses In Remembrance

    Loree and Gabriel honored their mothers with fresh red roses. “As I walked down the grassy ‘aisle,’ someone took a cell phone photo of me that caught me in a ray of light. I felt that my mother, who died a few years ago, was with me after all," says the bride.

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  • The Toast

    The Toast

    Brad and Kristen toasted each other with beer instead of champagne. Brad brewed five custom ales just for the wedding. "I was touched by my father’s toast. He spoke about us very personally, and his special words really moved both of us," Kristen says.

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    Photo Credit: Photography by Leah

  • Coming Together

    Coming Together

    Candice's favorite memory: "Seeing my divorced parents walking down the aisle arm in arm was a special moment for me. It was so nice to see that the love in my family endures."

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    Photo Credit: Shawna Yarbrough & Damion Hamilton

  • Riding Off Into the Sunset

    Riding Off Into the Sunset

    A charming "Just Married" sign graced the front of Catherine and Benjamin's vintage tandem bike. The couple recalls, “One of our favorite moments was riding off in our old vintage tandem bike — an instance of pure bliss!”

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  • "Just Married" Selfies

    "Just Married" Selfies

    "Robert and I took our first official 'selfie' as husband and wife just after we walked down the aisle arm in arm, vows complete, and then the bridal party spied us and joined in for a group selfie!" says Vicarin.

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  • With These Two Hands

    With These Two Hands

    A minister officiated as Nicole and Evan exchanged traditional vows and lit a unity candle to represent the merging of their families. "The minister asked Evan and me to hold hands during the ceremony. He said that throughout our marriage, these would be the hands of our best friend, the hands that would hold our children and that would work to build our future. And that one day, even when our hands were old and worn, they would offer us the same tenderness that they did on our wedding day," Nicole says.

  • A Special Moment With Dad

    A Special Moment With Dad

    Taylor did a "first look" with her father for emotional support. "I was standing in the foyer with my bridesmaids taking bridal photos, and someone said, 'Go see who that is walking in to make sure it's not the groom.' Then they said, 'It's not the groom, it's Pete's dad.' So, I didn't think anything of it, and when I turned around, my dad was standing there. I started to tear up as I looked at him, and I said, 'Do I look pretty?' He exhaled and said 'Yes!' I walked over and burst into tears while we hugged," Taylor says.

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  • Cheeky Marriage Advice

    Cheeky Marriage Advice

    Advice from Elise’s middle school students was incorporated into the ceremony. Such wisdom included: “Give your husband chores” and “Don’t go to Las Vegas."

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  • Family Huddle

    Family Huddle

    “I’ll always remember riding to the church with my father. We were smiling ear-to-ear the whole time," recalls Jennie. “After the ceremony, we came together with our families in a ‘family huddle.’ It was wonderful to hold our newly molded family together while the feeling of ‘we did it’ was in the air!”

    Photo Credit: Le Secret d'Audrey / Planning and coordination: Anne Mulvihill at Fête in France

  • Highlight Reel

    Highlight Reel

    A highlight of Annie and George's reception was when the newlyweds played a sentimental video that the bride's brother had crafted for them (he was deployed three weeks before the wedding).

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    Photo Credit: Miki & Sonja Photography / Wedding Planner: Magnolia Event Design 

  • Hitched


    After the ceremony, "The horse and carriage drove off with only the two of us in the carriage — our flower girl and ring bearer had to run after us — a funny and endearing moment," says the couple.

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  • Song Dedication

    Song Dedication

    “During the reception, Jason got on stage with his guitar and played a song he’d written for me. It was so spectacular that I don’t have words to describe it. It was an emotional moment," Jessica says.

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    Photo Credit: Gertrude & Mabel Photography

  • Seeing One Another in Church

    Seeing One Another in Church

    Charlotte and Dan's most cherished wedding memory: Seeing one another at the church for the first time that day.

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    Photo Credit: Tracy Timmester Photography / Event Design and Coordination: Terri Eaves from Bash

  • Rainbow Sighting

    Rainbow Sighting

    Kaitlin and Steve tied the knot in Doonbeg, Ireland. “The rain held off for our ceremony, but it started pouring moments after we arrived in the tent for our reception. A giant rainbow appeared afterward — it felt totally magical," Kaitlin says.

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    Photo Credit: Elisha Clarke

Real Couples' Favorite Wedding-Day Memories

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