Wedding Planners Reveal: "The #1 Tip I Wish I'd Known Before My Wedding"

Before you walk down the aisle, follow these genius tips wedding planners wish someone had told them.

21. Worried about your lipstick fading? Hello, lip stain.

“[I wish I] bought a lip stain instead of lipstick! There is no time to re-apply throughout the event,” says Sandy Howe, on-site Wedding Coordinator at The Highland Dallas in Dallas, Texas.

22. Have a game plan for your belongings.

This is a must-do: “In the excitement of the day, you can forget that you may need your wallet, phone or personal items at some point. Give someone the important task of packing up you and your partner’s personal items and keeping them for you. You want to end your special day in wedded bliss… not trying to locate your wallet,” share Craig-Sample and Powell.

23. Make your bridal suite a sanctuary of calm.

“I would suggest that the bridal suite be a place for the bride to have a moment of privacy and serenity before her big day. Often, the bridal suite is filled with her bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done or other pre-wedding preparation, which can lead to more stress and anxiety prior to the ceremony.” says Kristina Walstatter, Director of Catering Sales at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach and The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour, Miami in Florida.   

24. Always attempt to assign tables for your guests, whether is it plated or buffet.

“I think many brides think this will be too much work and they don’t want headache of worrying about a seating chart, but it is time well-spent and ultimately can save you money — plus, it makes your guests feel special,” shares Saldaña. “If you choose not to assign tables to your guests, they find themselves walking around lost, wondering where they should sit, who they should sit with, and the whole process takes longer to get your guests seated and on to the other events you have planned for the evening. You will also likely need to have extra tables, to accommodate those that can’t find seats together anywhere else. When you take the time to assign tables (not necessarily seats at the table), you can purposely place guests together that you would like, make them feel as though you thought of them, and also set your event for the correct number of guests, saving you money on possible rented linens, chairs and centerpieces.” Behold: Your complete seating arrangement guide.

25. Be present in each moment.

We’re saving this friendly urging to savor the day for last: “The wedding day goes by so quickly and brides always comment on this the day after,” comments Flavin. “If you are well organized take at least three to five days before the wedding to start enjoying the build-up. On the day take time out for you and your husband at least 20 minutes — I usually recommend the best time to do this is while the hotel is taking the dinner order.”