Wedding Planners Reveal: "The #1 Tip I Wish I'd Known Before My Wedding"

Before you walk down the aisle, follow these genius tips wedding planners wish someone had told them.

16. Let go.

“Things will go wrong, just enjoy your day. Five years from now, you won’t care that your uncle was late or remember that the DJ pronounced your maid of honor's name wrong. Take it all in stride and appreciate every crazy moment,” counsel Craig-Sample and Powell oh-so-wisely.

17. Spend some time thinking about lighting.

True and truer: Lighting can transform you wedding venue, and brides-to-be often overlook giving it a ton of thought. “Lighting is something that always goes a long way if you are limited on décor budget,” offers Angulo.

18. Code your RSVP cards for easy tracking.

This simple but brilliant tip can save you hours of time and more than a few awkward phone calls. “I listened to Pinterest and numbered my RSVPs, which came in handy! I had several that were either blank or filled out but no name,” says Famiglio. 

19. Enjoy all wedding-related appointments.

“Make all of your wedding appointments fun, from visiting the venue, buying the dress and tasting the cake. Include your bridal party and parents as much as possible,” advises Sandra Flavin, Wedding & Events Manager of Adare Manor Castle & Golf Resort, in Adare Village, Ireland.

20. When in doubt, opt for simple décor.

“If I could do it over again I would make my décor as simple as possible with many vases and floating candles. It looks very romantic, and I would have saved a lot of money for my honeymoon. Flowers are very expensive and only last 24 hours,” says Perez.

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