How to Make Everyone Behave

Meddling moms, diva bridesmaids, outlaw in-laws: learn how to manage everyone without losing your cool.

Your Groom

bride and groom
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If your fiancé isn’t jumping for joy at the prospect of wedding planning, don’t take it personally. “Many men truly believe that wedding planning is a woman’s realm,” says Schacht.

Give him credit for his efforts. Has he gone the traditional route of choosing a ring on his own, asking your parents for your hand and planning how to pop the question? In that case, by the time you’re engaged, he has done a lot of work, and he may prefer the ball to be in your court. 

Divide and conquer. “You may assume that your guy doesn’t want to be part of the process, so you do everything without him. Next thing you know, you resent that he isn’t involved,” says Schacht. Have him take charge of the details that matter to him. Fun ways to include our groom's style in the wedding ►

Play as a team. “Often a couple starts out with an idea and then it snowballs. Now, the groom feels his day is nothing like what was discussed,” says Paul. Make sure you’re sticking with your plan. “In the end,” says Schacht, “the details don’t matter as much the fact that you carried out your plan together.” Wedding tasks for grooms ►