Inside a Wedding-Planning Consultation with David Tutera

The star of WEtv's David Tutera: Unveiled on what he always asks his brides — and the queries they have for him!

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What Brides Ask David:

Q: How can I make my wedding different and unique?

A: It isn’t about trying to find a unique theme or concept that’s different because that doesn’t necessarily make sense for who you are as a couple. Instead, aim for a wedding that breaks the mold of the traditional formula and timeline that everyone else follows. Have some interactive participation so your guests can’t predict what’s around the corner, and they leave feeling like they experienced — experience is they key word here — something unique. Check out 150+ ways to make your wedding unforgettable ►

Q: Do I have to do all the expected formalities (e.g. first dance as husband and wife, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, garter toss, bouquet toss, cake cutting)?

A: You don’t have to do any of it! It’s your wedding and it is completely up to you when it comes to these traditions. However, when making these decisions, take a moment to consider whether later in life you will regret not including them (e.g. having that special moment with your dad, your mom, etc.). Learn 10 ways to modernize classic wedding traditions ►

Q: Should we have an after-party or separate lounge area?

A: No. Both break the energy and flow of the celebration. Keep everyone contained in the four walls of one space and try not to spread out too much for too long a period of time.

Q: What are the season’s top color trends?

A: Rather than follow trends, try to pick colors that are unique to you, not specific to the colors of the moment. If you follow your heart and stay true to what’s meaningful and special to you and your fiancé, a beautiful wedding will unfold. Browse 200+ beautiful color-combinations for your wedding ►

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My wedding color is royal blue and white, my bridesmaids want to wear two dresses (one for church and the other for the wedding party) in different colors. what other color can they wear besides white, red and yellow. The theme is elegant and romantic