Biggest Bridesmaid Dilemmas: Solved!

How to handle sticky situations with grace, including what to do when you can't afford to buy the dress that the bride wants, you're the only bridesmaid who isn't close with the rest of the girls, and more.

Dilemma: You or another bridesmaid tries to run the show, so you end up stepping on the maid of honor or bride's toes.

stepping on toes

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Problem Solved:

You might just be trying to help, or—although it’s hard to admit it—spin things your way so that all the plans fit your budget or you get credit as the best planner ever.

If you're the bride or maid of honor: "I know that you have good intentions, but I'm starting to get some complaints from the other bridesmaids, and having to tell them you're really a sweet person. I'm hurt that you're trying to take over the wedding, so can you please tone it down? I want you to have fun planning with us, and not feel like you have to work so hard on everything."

If you're the bridesmaid: If you're the recipient of this "talk," don’t fight back with excuses or complaints about how nothing would get done without you. Just apologize and take a step back into a supporting role. No pouting, no refusing to share ideas if they’re not going to be heard, and no causing drama—even if your feelings are hurt. Let the bride have her day.

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