Five New Bachelorette Party Themes

If a traditional getaway just isn't her speed, try one of these fun and modern celebrations she'll love.

Take a Private Group Dance Lesson

Take a cue from Lady Gaga, who celebrated her 26th birthday with her nearest and dearest at a SoulCycle session. Zumba and pole dancing will also guarantee some laughs.

zumba class

Photo Credit: Munro Photography

1. Give your instructor any song requests in advance. Surprise the bride with her favorite hits from way back in the day.

2. This is one bachelorette party where you can take video. The bride will love watching it afterwards to relive all of the hijnks. Don't post it online, unless you want all of your uncoordinated dance moves to go viral (in that case, send us the link!).

3. Keep the party going at a later point in time. You’ll work up a sweat during your group lesson, so give guests a few hours to go home, shower, change and meet up at your place later for a cocktail party. Or,  you can all go out and show off your newfound dance skills at a club.

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