Wedding Weight-Loss: Big Decisions and New Goals

After my amazing shopping experience at Kleinfeld, I still needed be sure the dress I had found was the one, so I made an appointment to try on more dresses at Bridal Reflections in Carle Place, NY. It was a wonderful shopping trip, the staff was extremely helpful, and they had some great gowns — just nothing that was right for me.

My consultant Lisa was really great, if you go there I recommend asking for her. I tried on about 7 dresses and there were a few that I liked, but none made me feel how I felt when I put on the Mark Zunino gown that I fell in love with at Kleinfeld.

Here are a few of the gowns that didn't make the cut: 

bridal reflections shopping trip

I am beyond thrilled to announce that after leaving Bridal Reflections, I finally made my decision and went back to Kleinfeld to order my dress! I'm so happy that I confirmed that the dress I love is what I'm meant to wear when I marry Renne. 

Check out our complete guide to finding your dream dress here! 

Now that I've finally found my wedding gown, I need to step up my game in order to be 100% happy with the way I look in the dress. I have been keeping up with my workouts, eating healthy, and losing more weight (not as quickly as I’d like), but I decided to try some new things to spice it up.

Bonne took me to a reformer Pilates class at My Pilates Studio in Plainview, NY. It was a private class on the reformer equipment and it was amazing! We used the resistance on the machines to work our abs, arms and legs. It was a lot easier than it looked and even though I was still sore 3 days later — I would definitely recommend the class to anyone looking to try something new.

reformer pilates

Also, I have been trying to add some more outdoor workouts to my routine so I don’t get too bored at the gym. Last week Rene and I took our dogs for a jog around the neighborhood which was an excellent workout. I've been going on more walks after work as well.

Because I only have five months until the big day, I decided to re-evaluate my progress and set some more goals. My goal for June is to lose another 10 pounds by the end of the month. I have been feeling great and I am much happier with the way I look in clothes, but I am not where I want to be yet.

jen and rene

I went bathing suit shopping last week in preparation for my first bachelorette party (details to follow next week!), and wasn’t too thrilled with the results. I was definitely happier about the way I looked and felt much more comfortable than I did last summer, but I still don’t have the body I want for next month’s bachelorette festivities in Las Vegas. 

bathing suit

Stay tuned for details on my bachelorette party in Newport, Rhode Island, and updates on how reaching my goal is coming along for the month.

— Jennifer Crow