The Most Luxurious Glamping Honeymoons

From Montana to Tanzania, we've found pampering properties that offer state-of-the-art tents and loads of amazing views.

Alex Walker’s Serian, Tanzania

Alex Walker’s Serian Tanzanian tented camp moves locations according to the region’s seasonal Great Migration, so guests are always in the best position to spot wildlife as the herds (and their predators) make their way across the fabled Serengeti. From July to mid-October, the camp sits in a hidden valley of the Wogakuria near the Lamai Wedge, where rolling savannahs and fig tree groves come together north of the Mara River. Between mid-December and April, the camp is at the southern border of the sprawling Serengeti National Park.

alex walkers serian tanzania
Photo courtesy of Alex Walker's Serian

The tents: The eight to 10 tents are designed in classic safari style, with canvas walls, soft floor rugs, colonial-inspired furnishings and the largest and plushest beds around. Tents have adjoining "bush bathrooms," with plumbing for the toilets and heated buckets of water for the showers. Telephone and WiFi service is reserved for emergencies, so guests get the chance to completely disconnect.

The activities: A special amenity of Serian is the fact that all guests enjoy private game drives with a guide/driver and spotter. The benefit is being able to schedule outings according to your whim. In the northern camp, you’ll cross panoramic riverbanks, open savannah swathes and rocky outcroppings. The region is rich with wildlife — enormous herds of wildebeest, zebra and giraffes, along with in-pursuit lions, cheetah and leopards, hungry crocodiles and — if you’re lucky — the elusive black rhino. There are also opportunities to take walking safaris through the bush with Alex himself. At Serengeti South, the camp is in the south during the wildebeest calving season, so along with the mega-herds and predators, you’ll spot newborns. Guests here also have the opportunity to meet with the indigenous Hadza people. Sundowners, chats around the campfire with hosts Gerard, Belinda, Alex and Robin, and gathering with other guests for gourmet meals in the main tent — around a massive table — are standard at both camps.

Photo courtesy of Alex Walker's Serian

Honeymoon highlights: Given the camps’ small size and emphasis on personal attention, privacy and romance are key. In fact, a secluded honeymoon section located a bit further from the other guests has recently been arranged. Couples enjoy only-in-Africa experiences like a sunset bath in an outdoor copper tub with sundowners, as well as private tented dinners (room rates start at $800 per person, and are all-inclusive. A per-day park fee is additional;