When Is the Best Time to Go On a Honeymoon?

You might already have your heart set on a few potential honeymoon destinations, but determining how soon after the wedding to leave can be trickier. Weather, work schedules, and cost can all play a factor, among other considerations. We polled BG's Instagram followers on this honeymoon edition of "Would you rather...?" Check out their responses below!

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Why You Might Want to Leave Within a Few Days of the Wedding

"We left the following morning at 5 a.m. for Hawaii. We arrived at noon, which was perfect with the time difference. Going on our honeymoon immediately (as opposed to waiting) kept the wedding bliss going and made our trip feel so special. We could be ridiculous in love, and no one could judge because we just got married. People that we met on the honeymoon were really excited for us as well. It was nice to have that time away together alone after just becoming husband and wife." —@rhansonrocks

"We're still in the 'honeymoon stage,' but our wedding reception in Utah lasted until 9:30 p.m. and we were on a plane to Texas for a Caribbean cruise at 7 a.m. the next morning. We gave ourselves no downtime, and we still had to miss the first couple of days of school. But it was SO worth it." — @mariahproctor

"We left the very next morning! It was the quickest way to relaxation, and we didn't fancy seeing people looking rough after we just looked our very best. We got married in the United Kingdom, and we honeymooned at Secrets Silversands in Cancun, Mexico." —@size12to10

"We live in Spain, and many couples choose to go on their honeymoon right after the wedding because employers are required to give you 15 days of paid leave off from work, including the day you get married!" —@ingridjhughes

"We're going two days after the wedding. That way, we have time to relax, have brunch with the families, get some things in order, and then jet off to Costa Rica!" —@msgalvin

"We're getting married on Friday, September 2nd in Los Angeles (my hometown) and heading to the St. Regis in sunny Punta Mita, Mexico on Monday, September 5th. We'll have the weekend to spend time with family who traveled from out of town." —@angelicadiente

"We didn't leave until three days later because our wedding was on a Wednesday during a week-long destination celebration in St Martin. We left that Saturday for St Barth's, a neighboring island!" —@caseyk11

The Case for Waiting a Week (or a Month!)

"Our wedding was the weekend before Christmas, so we wanted to spend the holidays with our families. We left on Christmas night for London, then to Rome, and lastly, Paris." —@s_cad

"We got married in Nantucket (where we first met) and stayed there for two weeks after the wedding because we are both educators and had time off for summer break. Then we left and made a quick stop home, in Chicago, before heading to Hawaii! It was perfect because right after the wedding ended, there was a little depression that it was all over, so we dealt with that in a beautiful place and then fully enjoyed our adventures in Hawaii." —@jules1421

"We waited three weeks to leave for our honeymoon to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Our wedding was in Joplin, Missouri, at the beginning of October, and we had two other weddings after ours that we couldn't miss, so we made sure to book the honeymoon for later. It was great to wait even though we traveled throughout the entire month of October. We were able to get all of our thank-you notes done before we left." —@aserdman

"We got married on September 26th, and we left for our Caribbean cruise a month later. It was great to have that time to settle into our space together and prepare for the honeymoon. Also, we loved celebrating our first month of marriage with a trip!" —@andreamc527

"We got married on June 12 in New York, and we didn't leave for our honeymoon until July 20th because we wanted to spend time with our out-of-town relatives. We planned activities for the entire weekend for the 'traveling' guests, and after that, went to Upstate New York for a few days with our families. We honeymooned in Tokyo, Korea, and Jeju for two weeks. We've been in Asia before, but we love the food and the hot weather." —@mrcechz

Postponing Your Dream Honeymoon for Much Later On

"We're getting married on March 24th, and we're planning on leaving for our honeymoon later in the year to save up and prepare for it. We are planning a trip to a few different countries in Asia, including the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and Cambodia." —@rona.cho

"We were married on August 1st and left for our honeymoon on October 31st. We didn't want the expense of a trip so soon after the wedding. Also, we didn't like the idea of having to rush to wherever we needed to go. We found an amazing Carnival cruise that we couldn't pass up — the ports, ship, and the prospect of being away for two weeks lured us in! Any money or gift cards we received from the wedding — after we bought items from our registry — we put towards our trip. We went to Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten." —@caneschic612

"We're getting married this upcoming August in Costa Rica and plan on taking a mini-moon for a few days. Then, we're going to wait until February or March 2017, when it's cold here in New York City (where we live), to go to Ethiopia and the Maldives for two weeks." —@kamisapnit

"We waited six months to go on our honeymoon. I'm in grad school, and my husband had just gotten a new job, so my winter break was the perfect time to spend three whole weeks in Europe. Plus, it was so romantic to celebrate Christmas in Berlin, Germany, and New Year's Eve in Prague, Czech Republic!" —@tkedwar

"Our wedding was in October, and we are honeymooning in the Bahamas this upcoming February — perfect timing due to the cold weather. My husband is from Canada, and I moved there after the wedding. I'm currently not working because I'm waiting for a work visa, so the timing plays in my favor." —@angelabajic

"We're getting married on a Friday in February and planned to leave that following Sunday on a red-eye flight. But I got a new incredible job, so we decided to postpone the trip until November." —@meredithk_rn

"We're not married yet, but we're throwing our wedding in July and going on our honeymoon in late November. The weather will be better, and the trip will be cheaper during that time. Plus, we can spend those first few months setting up our home together." —@ani__barrera

"We're getting married in April and will leave for our honeymoon in July. My fiancé's family is from Israel and South Africa, so we'll want to spend time together since they'll be traveling all the way across the world to watch us get married. The honeymoon can always wait!" —@jennifersage28

Skipping it and Taking a Staycation Instead

"We're getting married in Las Vegas on February 8th, 2016, and we're from Pheonix, Arizona. We will not have enough money to go on a honeymoon; we're looking to see if we even have enough for a wedding." —@irishcreamapriladkins