Quiz: Find the Perfect Honeymoon for Your Celebrity Couple Style

Honeymoon the way your favorite celebrity couples do at one of Mexico's dream resorts. Take this quiz to find out which A-list couple your lifestyle mimics most.

1. Your perfect meal:

A. A table of flavorful tapas — and good friends to share it all with. 
B. Authentic regional dishes, savored in a restaurant that only the locals know about.
C. Room-service lobster and champagne on your private terrace. 
D. Simple grilled fish and fresh guacamole, eaten beachside.

2. The perfect night out:

A. An exclusive VIP-only gathering at a hot new bar and lounge.
B. A preview of Spanish Masters paintings from the Prado in Madrid.
C. A candlelit couple’s suite at a spa — just the two of you for three glorious hours.
D. A kayak excursion after dark to observe bioluminescent sea life.

3. Your dream wedding if budget and guest lists were not a concern:

A. A blowout gala with 300-plus guests.
B. A destination wedding in a place with Old-World charm and the people who mean the most to you.
C. Eloping to somewhere exotic and far, far away.
D. A wedding weekend for 50 guests filled with golf, tennis, swimming, sailing and surfing.

4. Your favorite Saturday afternoon:

A. A late brunch with friends, complete with eggs Benedict and mimosas. 
B. Checking out a neighborhood with eclectic galleries and restaurants. 
C. Sleeping in—but not really, if you know what we mean. 
D. Going for a morning run and then hitting the local farmers’ market.

5. Your guy surprised you for your birthday and he:

A. Rented a limo to take you and your best friends wine tasting for the day.
B. Scored two tickets to “Hamilton.”
C. Whisked you off to a secluded inn.
D. Prepared a picnic lunch and took you on a hike with awesome views.


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