Treasure Islands: A Caribbean Honeymoon Guide

For generations, infamous pirates plied the crystalline waters of the Caribbean in search of riches. Today, the islands offer a bounty of golden sands, loads of activities and great hotels.


Barbados was a haven for pirates, such as the mischievous Sam Lord who ruled the island’s southeast coast from his enormous estate. Rather than sailing the seas, this enterprising buccaneer hung lanterns in the coconut trees on the beach to attract ships. Captains at sea mistook the illuminated foliage for lights of the city, which caused them to wreck their ships on the reefs, allowing Lord to seize the wreckage. Board the pirate schooner, Jolly Roger from Bridgetown, the capital city located on the southwest coast, and enjoy a history cruise around the island. During the excursion you can walk the plank, swim with turtles and imbibe from the barrels of pirate rum punch. Another top spot on Barbados is Hunte’s Gardens. Created by legendary horticulturist Anthony Hunte, this tropical garden is located in the center of a rainforest featuring rare plants and birds.

Photo courtesy of Barbados Tourism Authority

Where to Stay: The House is an intimate, adults-only beachside resort with just 34 suites and loads of romance. Whiling away time strolling the sands is popular as is taking part in the activity menu, which includes horseback riding, biking tours, deep-sea fishing and shopping tours of Bridgetown (room rates start at $513 and include breakfast and a massage;

The Bahamas

It was said that when a pirate slept he didn’t dream of going to heaven, but instead he dreamt of Nassau. Since the 1690s, the Bahamian capital island of Nassau and its port were a central pirate hangout. Surrounded by waters too shallow for larger ships, but deep enough for faster vessels favored by the outlaws of the sea, the port city served as the base of operations for many. The Pirates of Nassau Museum is an interactive experience that explores the Golden Age of Piracy. Also on the menu is partaking in the sunny Bahamian beaches.

Photo courtesy of Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board

Actor Johnny Depp, star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, owns a private island in the bahamas. Fowl Cay Resort, set on an out island of the Exumas chain, offers a similar swept-away experience in an all-inclusive collection of six private villas.

Where to Stay: Graycliff Hotel was built in 1740 by Captain John Howard Graysmith, a famed swashbuckler of the Caribbean. The celebrated hotel boasts award-winning cuisine and encompasses both a chocolate and a cigar factory. Another (in)famous fun fact: The resort was once owned by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (room rates start at $350 a night;