10 Powerful Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones

From private nods to public tributes, here are ten ways to pay your respects on your wedding day.

1. Wear something that reminds you of that person.
This is one of the most private ways to honor a lost loved one—no one will even know unless you tell them. This is a great way to keep that person close to your heart without drawing attention to their absence. For my wedding, I wore my grandma’s earrings and used one of her brooches in my bouquet. You can also incorporate a favorite photo, a handkerchief, or another little memento into your bouquet. 

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2. Use something they’ve given you.
For our engagement present, my grandma purchased a beautiful pair of toasting flutes to use at the wedding. They became even more meaningful to me after she passed away, and I loved bringing them out for the toast! 

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3. Tribute in the ceremony program.
Short and simple; include an “In Loving Memory” section in your ceremony program.  

4. Light a candle.

A single candle on an entryway table or near your cake display can make a strong statement. Use a flameless candle to reflect that this person’s memory will live on forever.

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5. Have a photo table.
Many couples opt to feature family wedding photos—both of the living and of the deceased—at their reception. It’s a nice way for your guests to take a trip down memory lane.

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My grandmother has been gone 17 years this August but I still feel like she needs to be included. A seat will be saved for her and my grandfather with a photo on what would have been their seats. Same goes for the grooms grandfather who has passed. Then Peonies in my bouquet. And then the most important thing for me will have to be explained at the reception. When I was a little girl and I would do her a favor she would say, "Thank you, buddy. I'll dance at your wedding." so a dance will be dedicated to her,