Wedding Invitation Q&As

Composing wedding invitations involves complex-and beautiful-etiquette guidelines. We RSVP to your urgent questions.

No Formal Sit-Dinner

Q: At our reception, we’ll be offering sandwiches and salads. How should we word the invitations so that our guests know not to expect a formal sit-down dinner? —St. Louis, Missouri

A: It’s smart—and considerate of you—to inform your guests about the type of meal they’ll be served so they can plan accordingly. On the invitation, after stating where the reception will be held, simply put "Light refreshments will be served." You and your fiancé can also spread the word to family members and friends beforehand.

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I have a few friends who included a Save the Date magnet in their wedding announcements. It was pretty helpful - I attached the invitation to my fridge using the magnet provided, and then on the day of the wedding, when I was scrambling to get out the door on time, I was able to quickly locate the invitation for directions. For my Save the Dates, I did a postcard. However, I still like the idea of including a magnet in the actual invitations. My invitations will have a pocket for the RSVP card, and I was thinking of including a magnet of my fiance and I there. Would this be OK, and if so, what would be the proper wording on the magnet at this point - would "Save the Date" still be OK?