How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Shopping for your wedding gown? Here are three simple steps to find the perfect dress for you.

sarah alouache wedding gowns
Gowns by Sarah Alouache Bridal

Define your overall style first. "The key to finding your perfect wedding dress starts with defining your bridal style before you start booking appointments or shopping online. Assess the dresses you've been pinning, saving, and screenshotting to send to your dress-obsessed friends. You'll probably start to notice patterns and themes to what you're saving. Is the overall style romantic? More modern? Maybe a mix of both? Once you understand the style vibe you gravitate towards, it will be easier to narrow down boutiques, designers, and the dresses you try-on. One will ultimately meet the vision and style you defined, and you will love it more than the rest." —Felicia Joffe + Ashley Hunt, Co-founders, Dresshunt

Focus on what feels right for you and your personality. "The most important thing to keep in mind is, do you, girl! Choose a dress that makes you feel confident, beautiful and celebrates every inch of your personality. A dress that's authentic to you and your unique style. Most importantly, don't forget that there isn't a wrong or right answer to choosing the perfect dress or two… or three! I remember when I got married to my now-husband, I could not wrap my head around only one style, so I decided to get two gowns. I felt that my personality could not be covered in only one choice, and again that was me. I wanted to make sure that I was celebrating every part of my personality... the sexy, the fun, the girly side, and everything in between. Trust me when I say that it's as simple as listening to your heart and what you truly want. If you wish to swap styles during your wedding day, then by all means, you should! I'm a fan of everything romantic, and if, let's say, you're going for a more modern and romantic vibe for your big day, then a dress like the Camille gown would be the perfect wedding day look. I just love how whimsical and wildly romantic she is with her statement bows and sparkling lace. The perfect dress to say 'I do!' to your forever boo! Later, I would swap styles for the reception for a more relaxed, fun, and sexier look like our Constance gown. An open sexy back and stretchy fabric to dance the night away and make plenty of unforgettable memories with your loved ones. In brief, don’t shy away from other options, and if you feel that you might need another dress or two... or three, then definitely go for it!” —Sarah Alouache, Creative Director, Designer & Founder of Sarah Alouache Bridal

Maximize your budget where you can. "It's more than likely you have your dream dress(es) pinned to your Pinterest or saved to your Instagram boards, but those 'dream dresses' don't always come with the dream price tag, especially when the intent is to purchase more than one. Sourcing your dress(es) straight from the bride on an online marketplace gives you the financial ability to have more than one dress, when you otherwise may not have been able to! If you prefer to purchase your dresses new, think about listing them online at to recoup some of the cost that comes with several dress changes." —Ingrid Szajer, Co-founder,