Stuff Every Groom Should Know: 10 Things to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

So many wedding-planning books revolve around the bride — but it's the groom's day, too! The new book, Stuff Every Groom Should Know by Eric San Juan addresses the wedding (and marriage) from a male's point of view, offering essential advice for grooms-to-be. Here, he discusses what to do the night before the big day.

groom and groomsmen
Photo Credit: Hilary Cam Photography

Wow, is it here already? It’s ridiculous that it got here so fast. But here you are, staring into the Abyss of Impending Matrimony. Time to tie up a few loose ends.

1. Turn off the computer.
No Facebook or Twitter or social media. Tune out and focus on tomorrow.

2. Hang out — calmly.
Spend some quiet time with your bride or buddies. No partying, just talking.

3. Eat light.
You want to be able to fit into your tux.

4. Drink light.
If you’re drinking the night before, keep it under control. Wedding day hangovers suck.

5. Read your vows.
And then read them again. Practice makes perfect.

6. Lay out your things.
Prepare now and tomorrow will be easier.

7. Prepare a surprise.
A love note or little gift to give to your bride tomorrow.

8. Delegate tasks.
Let your best man take care of minor last-minute issues.

9. Reminisce.
You’re actually going to marry that girl tomorrow. Awesome. Take a moment to reflect on that.

10. Sleep.
A lot of grooms pull all-nighters, much to their regret. Don’t.

—Eric San Juan