Couple's Funny Wedding Photos With 'Heartbroken' Best Man

"Losing" your best friend to married life can be a tough pill to swallow — many fear their friendships will never be the same again. High school sweethearts Brittney and Kody decided to poke fun at this idea by including Kody's best friend, Mitch, in their humorous engagement photo: 

bride groom and best friend engagement photo

The photo, captured by Lindsey Berger at Country Roads Photography, was inspired by one the bride saw on Pinterest. After it became a viral sensation in their town, they decided to do a follow-up photo at the wedding to show how the best man was handling the marriage:

bride groom and best friend wedding photo

Here's hoping this isn't the end of the bromance — the trio plan on continuing their photo series through other life milestones, like if Brittney becomes pregnant or if Mitch proposes to his girlfriend, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next. 

—Kristen Klein