14 Romantic City Proposals That Will Melt Your Heart

From picturesque backdrops to personalized crafts, these beautiful proposals will leave you teary-eyed. 

Here at Bridal Guide, we love love — and we're guessing if you're reading this, you do too! Whether you're simply in need of a serotonin boost or are a sucker for the sap, we’ve rounded up the most swoon-worthy proposals that are sure to turn your heart to mush. Warning: you'll probably want some tissues handy.



Proposal created by The One Romance / Paul Grace Photography

On February 14, this man proposed at the top of the London Eye surrounded by photos of the couple, candles, and fresh roses. His fiancée’s reaction says it all!


Proposal created by The One Romance / Paul Grace Photography

We can already hear wedding bells ringing at this Fitzrovia Chapel proposal.



Proposal created by The One Romance 

What could be more romantic than getting engaged in the city of love?


Proposal created by The One Romance 

An evening proposal in front of the the twinkling Eiffel Tower looks straight out of a fairy tale.



Proposal created by The One Romance 

Crafty proposals show how thoughtful a partner can be. A specialized banner and champagne for two hit all the right marks in this gorgeous European hotspot.


Proposal created by The One Romance 

After she said yes, this couple sealed their eternal bond by placing a lock on Lover's Bridge.

Washington, D.C.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Gulley Photography

For a couple with a lot of history, the Lincoln Memorial proved the ideal spot to pop the question.

Los Angeles


Photo Credit: Elmer Escobar Photography

Nestled high above Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory creates a magical setting for that life-changing moment.


Photo Credit: Embrace Life Photography

It's easy to be mesmerized by the LACMA's glowing Urban Light installation, especially when your man gets down on one knee. 

New York City


Photo Credit: Ash Fox Photography 

These two lovebirds blissfully snuggled up in the cold after getting engaged on the historic high line in New York City.


Photo Credit: Ash Fox Photography

This couple is ready to write their love story together following a dreamy library proposal that deserves its own chapter.


Photo Credit: Ash Fox Photography

Nothing spells love like, well, the actual love sign in New York City. How could this lucky lady say no to such a charming gesture?


 Photo Credit: Ash Fox Photography

The glimmering skyline is almost as dazzling as the way this man is looking at his bride-to-be. 

V-day-proposal-rooftop-1  V-day-proposal-rooftop-2

Photo Credit: Ash Fox Photography

If this stunning rooftop view wasn’t enough, a bended knee and tiny jewelry box made the scene absolute perfection.

How did your husband propose? We're sure it was just as sweet as any one of these amazing memories!

—Sam Peters