The Cutest Flower Girl Videos Gone Viral

This week, flower girl Claire Miller became an Internet sensation when a camera phone video was posted of her taking a catnap at the altar. In honor of the we-won’t-take-it trend started by Grace van Cutsem—the cutie who achieved worldwide fame when she covered her ears at Wills and Kates’ wedding—here are our favorite videos featuring feisty flower girls.

1. Flower Girl Gets Tired of Wedding and Snoozes Off

By “in good times and in bad,” she decided she had heard enough and toppled over in slow motion. (Let’s be honest—what wedding guest hasn’t fantasized about doing this at one point or another?)

2. Funny Flower Girls at Fall Wedding

This adorable chubby-cheeked tot doesn’t grasp the purpose of flower petals.

3. Bossy Flower Girl

A three-year-old shushes everyone from the photographer to the pastor.

Worried that the tiniest members of your bridal party will make this list? Prep in advance by doing a couple of practice runs before the big day, letting them try on their outfit in advance and packing their favorite toy or activity to keep them occupied before their debut. Consider letting them walk down the aisle without giving them a “job” to do, which could help eliminate some of the hysterics.

If they’re too young to walk the full length by themselves, have another bridal party member carry them down the aisle (we’ve even seen some couples get creative and use a wheelbarrow!) Seat a close family member up front and have them on full alert, ready to swoop in if a meltdown should occur.

Photo Credit: Honey Heart Photography

Most importantly, remember to keep your sense of humor—you invited them to be a special part of your wedding for a reason.

— Stefania Sainato