Three Fun Gifts for Recently-Engaged Couples

Along with the holidays come candy canes, presents, cookies, and (inevitably) engagements. It can be difficult to shop for someone who is engaged if they haven’t registered for gifts yet. I wanted to share some easy, relatively inexpensive options that can be purchased at the last-minute for those love birds in your life.

For the Lady

I am in love with this Say Yes "Mrs." Necklace from Kate Spade. Sure, she might not be able to wear it just yet, but as a real bride blogger, I’ve discovered that I’m obsessed with anything marriage or wedding-related right now, and I don’t think I’m alone on that one. 

Another option for the bride would be something practical. She’s likely cutting back on costs in order to pay for upcoming nuptials or a honeymoon so a practical gift will be much appreciated. Try a cozy scarf and gloves or an oversized sweater.

For the Lad

If you truly want to show a friend, coworker or family member you’re happy for him and his future wife, how about a toast? Try gifting a case of beer from a local brewery paired with drinking glasses embossed with his favorite team’s logo. My sister bought Corey this Pittsburgh Penguins 2 Piece Glass Pilsner Set a few years back and they were a hit!

Another practical option is a gas card. Guys appreciate practical gifts, especially when they’ve likely just spent a large chunk of change on a ring!

For the Couple

It’s tough to contribute to things the couple will need for the actual wedding since you might not know their colors or what they already have, but a good bet would be to get cake cutting utensils. You can get it engraved to be more personal and it’s likely something they haven't purchased yet.

Tell us: Did anyone get engaged over the holidays? Congratulations!


— Nikki Stroud