What to Eat on the Morning of Your Wedding

Guest Blogger: Jessica Hochstadt, MS, Nutritionist and owner of “I Do” Nutrition
Jessica was a Nutritionist and Health Educator in a Boston-based hospital before deciding to focus her practice on brides with “I Do” Nutrition—a global weight-loss service that caters to brides and their bridal parties, on their schedule. She understands that everyone has a different relationship with food, and enjoys guiding bridal parties to appreciate the importance behind meal planning, understanding nutrition, and building a healthy lifestyle. In a time where our world and kitchen cupboards have become overly saturated with misinformation about nutrition, Jessica brings the simplicity back to a field that has sustained us through life.

Your wedding day is a lifetime milestone and will be one of your happiest memories. And while there will be plenty of unforeseen surprises on this day, there certain things you can plan for — like what you'll eat as you're getting ready.

Many brides are concerned with fitting into their dress on the day of the wedding. Given our bodies’ unpredictability at times (and tendency to bloat during times of stress), this is not an unusual concern. I created this Bridal Day Diet to ensure that you get nutrients to sustain you up through the afternoon of your wedding, with sufficient calories to support your emotions and dancing. It is comprised of protein to keep you satiated, healthy carbs to give you energy, and vegetables that will counteract bloating and settle your stomach enough before walking down the aisle.

This 1,120 calorie breakfast and lunch plan will prepare you for the energy outburst and gourmet dining that will go down in history as... your wedding day.


► 1 egg + 2 egg whites, scrambled (using non-stick spray)
Eggs are an excellent source of protein to keep stave off hunger pangs throughout the morning.

► ½  - 1 avocado (uncooked)
Avocado is loaded with potassium to help absorb some water weight that might cause bloating and discomfort prior to donning your beautiful gown.

Total: 475 calories


► 4 - 8 pieces vegetable sushi (no soy sauce, but pickled ginger is okay)
The rice in this dish will coat your stomach, slowing down the absorption of alcohol so that you can enjoy you drinks with guests. It will also provide you extra energy for dancing later in the evening.

Total: 525 calories


► 1 medium banana
Like avocados, bananas are rich in potassium, which will help eliminate bloating. They also give you a little sweet treat that's easy to enjoy while you prepare for the evening.

Total: 120 calories

Note that although this diet is 1,120 calories (more than half of the average caloric intake throughout the day), it is only a suggested meal plan to adhere to before your ceremony. Kick back and enjoy at the reception!

—Jessica Hochstadt, MS.

Photo Credit: airwasabi/iStockphoto