Wedding Q&A: "How Much Wine Should We Buy?"

bottles of wine
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Q: My fiancé and I are providing the alcohol for our wedding. With 75 guests, how many bottles of red and white wine and champagne should we purchase?

A: Good question! Most couples don’t have any idea how many drinks per guest are needed. Here’s a guideline: One bottle of wine or champagne provides about five to six glasses, and most guests will probably drink no more than two glasses per hour. So, depending on the time of day (guests are apt to drink more at an evening wedding) and your crowd (are they real party people or a more subdued bunch?), you can figure on about 25 bottles each of champagne, red wine and white wine for 75 guests. You’ll also want to have plenty of soft drinks and water on hand (a liter for every three or four guests) and lots of ice. And ask your reception site manager if there’s a corkage fee — some places charge up to $10 per bottle just for opening and serving beverages that you provide. Finally, request that both opened and unopened bottles be returned to you.

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—Diane Forden