5 Wedding Shower Rules That Were Made to Be Broken

Yeah, we said it — forget all those wedding shower “rules”! If a traditional get together just doesn’t suit your style, don’t worry. Here are five guidelines you can totally ignore.

wedding shower rules
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1. Rule: No boys allowed

If this gender norm weirds you out, forget it! Co-ed wedding showers are becoming more common. Just be sure to keep it selective (that is, you don’t need to invite every guest who’s invited to the wedding).

2. Rule: A luncheon is a must

Not really feeling finger foods and tea sandwiches? The truth is, a wedding shower can be any kind of event you want! How about a breakfast bash at your favorite restaurant? Or a pizza party at a bowling alley? Or maybe even a trip to a winery?

3. Rule: You’ve gotta give home goods

Wedding registries have seriously evolved over the years, and shower gifts have gone along for the ride. If you’re hosting, you may consider suggesting a gift theme, like honeymoon must-haves. If you’re a guest, you can look to the registry for ideas or opt for something a little more personal.

4, Rule: Wedding shower games are required

No, traditional shower games are not mandatory. But if you think guests will enjoy an activity, break out some board games or a couple of decks of cards. You might also consider planning the shower around something like ice skating, or painting with wine (a pairing that’s gotten pretty popular).

5. Rule: You need a theme

Remember Lillian’s Paris-themed bridal shower in Bridesmaids? Yeah, that’s definitely not required. While a theme can make it fun to plan the menu and decor, nobody will fault you for skipping it. Just keep the soirée sweet and simple!

—Kristin Doherty

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