5 Tips to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Author and beauty superstar Bobbi Brown shares her five top tips for brides.

healthy meal

1. Bobbi says, “Healthy food is life food — and ultimately beauty food.”

The cornerstone of beauty foods are fresh vegetables and fruits that provide your fuel, good fats like omega-3s (abundant in walnuts and flaxseed oil) for skin and health, and lean proteins (think halibut, grass-fed beef, lentils) that provide en- ergy. Not only can the right foods increase your energy, prevent disease, and keep you healthy, they can also make you look great. By eating a diet balanced in these types of nutrient-rich foods most of the time, you will feel and look better. Instead of thinking “diet,” think about food as healthy fuel. Get rid of processed foods, salt, soda, sugar and white flour. Try and incorporate beauty foods such as apple cider vinegar, berries, flaxseed and chia seeds, hydrating foods, green powders, organic whey powder, vegetables, water, lemons, peppermint and coconut oil to keep your energy high and your skin looking great.

2. “If you want to get in shape, you’ve never had more options.”

If you are looking to lose some weight quickly in time for the big day, try HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which features short bursts of high-intensity work followed by brief periods of rest. Try yoga to build strength, tone your body, and provide some “Zen” time. The practice will allow you to breath and stay focused. Want to look perfect during your first dance? Try posture-enhancing regimes such as barre, which will also leave you looking leaner than ever. To get and stay fit, you need to be consistent. Keep motivated and keep moving via fitness apps and trackers. Enlist a friend or two: Working out with friends not only makes it more fun but keeps you accountable as well.

3. “There is a direct link between stress and beauty.”

Stress shows up on your face, in your eyes, on your hair and on your skin in a whole host of issues, from acne to dark circles. Some things that work to calm me down when I’m feeling anxious are taking an Epsom salt bath, getting a massage, reading a book, using essential oils, or maybe turning on the TV and watching a mindless show. It’s all about recharging. Taking time to restore will ultimately make you more energized and productive.

4. "What’s most beautiful to me is healthy skin.”

If you want healthy, glowing, radiant skin my advice is simple: Drink enough water, exercise to break a sweat, get enough sleep and eat mostly beauty foods. As health and beauty are linked, when you have a skin issue, a nutritionist can be just as helpful as a dermatologist. Your skin isn’t the same every day. It varies and your skincare should, too. Be open and customize based on your personal skin needs. Try layering different hydrating products one by one, taking a minute to let each one sink in, plumping with a hydrating cream, smoothing with a lotion, calming with a cream. Products can work in tandem to create beautiful skin. My best advice: Simplify your skincare routine, sort through the hype, use the best ingredients, and discover healthy skin. Powerful skin- care ingredients that can actually transform skin are: growth factors, peptides, hyaluron- ic acid, hydroxy acids, natural oils, retinol, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3.

5. "On her wedding day, every bride should look like herself at her most beautiful."

You want to look like yourself, at your best, on your wedding day so enhance your favorite features. Make sure to use long-wear eye products in case there are tears (especially eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes stand out!). Use a yellow-toned foundation that blends seamlessly into your skin. Apply a sheer powder, especially onto your T-zone, so you don’t look shiny in pictures. A pretty, pink cheek will always stand the test of time (stay away from trendy makeup looks like contouring and strobing!). Finally, have fun!