• When it comes to big-day beauty perfection, it’s all about that base. A flawless face is yours with these tips from the pros.

  • DIY Wedding Hairstyles

    Every bride dreams about having her best hair day ever on her wedding day. But sometimes costs have to be cut, time is short, and maybe you’re even in a location where hair stylists are few and far between. These 25 hairstyles are all wedding-perfect and easy enough for you to do yourself — no stylist required.

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    A top dermatologist’s tips on how to get wedding-ready skin in 30 days.

  • short wedding hairstyles

    There's no rule saying you have to grow your hair out or rock Rapunzel-length extensions for your wedding — if you feel most like yourself with a shorter 'do, then we say embrace it!

  • Growing your hair out for the big day? Long, lustrous locks are yours with these must-have products and expert tips.

  • Braided hairstyles are popular with brides because they're gorgeously intricate and versatile — there's fishtail, waterfall, and Dutch variations, just to name a few.

  • Nail your big-day mani with these wedding-ready styles, straight from the experts. 

  • Get a gorgeous big-day look with these pro tips and tricks.

  • When it comes to planning your wedding — one of the most memorable days of your life — it’s really all about how you remember the occasion. So why not commemorate your special day with a signature scent inextricably linked to the happy affair?

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