3 Easy DIY Wedding-Day Hair Ideas

Whether you have lusciously long locks or a cropped cut, create your own “I do” look from one of these styles for medium to long hair, curated by stylists from Salon Eva Michelle in Boston, MA.

1. Totally Twisted

How to: Curl hair. Take crown area and twist. Secure with pins. Take hair from sides and twist, adding more hair as you go. Secure with pins in back. Repeat the same on other side. Leave hair framing face loose. Pull hair out of twist to loosen and give an undone look. –Jackie Wright, Artistic Designer

Salon Eva Michelle

2.  Messy Low Pony

How to: Gather a section of hair from temples to crown, and form a twist in the back of the head and pin in place. Next, grab the remainder of hair at the nape of the neck and tie it with an elastic. Then, take a section of hair from the ponytail and wrapped it around the elastic. Once everything is secured, gently pull up tiny pieces at the top of the head to create texture. Also pull a few tiny pieces out around the face to create a softer look. Lastly, teasee the inside of the ponytail to create volume. – Tina Sullivan, Stylist

Salon Eva Michelle

3. Half Up Half Down, Top-Knotted

How to: Gather up half of your hair from temples to the crown of the head and put it in place with two bobby pins. Next, grab whatever hair that fell out and pin it in place with a messy bun to hide the bobby pins as well as add detail. – Tina Sullivan, Stylist

Salon Eva Michelle

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