Bridal Beauty Countdown

Getting gorgeous for your big day can be a daunting task—that is, if you don't plan right. Check out our month-by-month guide that'll have you looking great.

10-11 months until the wedding

Your Focus: Starting a Skincare Routine

Don't neglect the importance of skincare! Make an appointment with a facialist if you can afford it, or opt for an easy DIY routine based on our by-type recommendations. If working with a facialist, make sure to discuss your skin type in advance, as well as any medications or issues. (Check for reputable salons in your area.) While there is never a "wrong" time to start, the earlier you begin, the smoother and clearer your skin will look and the more relaxed your mind will be.
If you have oily skin: It's important that you stay far away from using regular soap on your face, which will strip away your skin's natural oils. This in turn causes your skin to go into "overdrive" mode, producing excess oil to make up for what the soap stripped off. Try a formulated cleanser (such as Clinique's Wash Away Gel Cleanser) or just rinse with water and treat with a clay or mud mask (like Murad Clarifiying Mask).
If you have dry skin: Do NOT use an everyday soap; opt for a gentle face wash like Boscia's Soothing Cream Cleanser. It's imperative that you pat, not rub, your skin dry, so that you aren't inadvertently irritating your already-sensitive skin. Apply a moisturizer right after washing your face—and the sooner, the better. This allows for the product to trap the surrounding moisture. To avoid OD'ing, look for a cream labeled "noncomedenegic" to avoid any blemishes, such as Cetaphil's Fragrance-Free Moisturizer.

Your Bridal Beauty Tool Kit

Your Bridal Beauty Budget Guide

  • Clay Mask: $25-$40/bottle
  • Face Wash: $7-$20/bottle
  • Moisturizer: $10-45/bottle
  • Professional Facial: $30-$130

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