Sue Answers Your Bridal Workout Questions!

All those fitness conundrums, solved.

Here's the latest round of questions from brides and answers from fitness expert Sue Fleming:



I’m getting married in June 2011, and I am beginning week 9 of the Buff Brides workout (from the book). I LOVE IT!  I have never found a workout that has kept me so motivated through variety and results. THANK YOU!


I do, however, have a question. I am definitely noticing improvements in my definition, strength and
endurance. But my clothes are actually fitting a bit tighter?!?!?! I asked a co-worker who lifts weights
regularly, and he thought I might be building muscle under fat and once my metabolism is increased enough by the muscle, I will begin to burn more fat and the newly defined muscle will be revealed (around the three-month mark). Thoughts?

I have not changed my diet a whole lot, other than changing most things to low cal or low fat.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Hi Kirsten,
Glad to hear you're enjoying my book, Buff Brides.

It's quite common to see a slight gain in weight when starting an exercise/strength training regime. Don't
be disheartened if initially you seem to be staying at the same weight or even gaining a little bit. Muscle weighs more per square inch than fat, so while your weight might not be dropping very quickly, you will soon feel the difference in your clothes. Don't get discouraged! I tell many of my clients to hide the scale for the first couple of months. The true test will be when you look in the mirror and see a sleeker, toner you!

Good luck!


Hi Sue,
Are there certain lifting exercises that flatten your chest? About 8 weeks ago I started a new weight-lifting routine. I believe my chest is getting smaller. Obviously I do not want to minimize my bust. Please let me know which exercises may flatten your chest area.




Hi Theresa,

Thanks for writing!


Yes, there is a popular misconception out there that if you do any kind of strength-training exercise that involves the chest your bust will get smaller. Well, that's simply not true. What is happening is a tightening and toning of that important muscle group. This is what gives your bust more shape and lift. So to help prevent that "hanging" feeling, keep up with the chest presses, push-ups and other bust building exercises and put that myth to bed!


Hang in there!





What are your specific upper body exercise suggestions for wearing a strapless dress? I am specifically concerned about the extra “stuff” near the under arms.





Hi Kiley,

Having a strapless dress is a dream for many of my clients. Cardiovascular activities that get your heart rate going are a great way to burn major calories to help melt the fat that spills out of a strapless dress. While cardio and a balanced diet are no brainers, working the upper body muscles will help increase your metabolism,  sculpt lean muscles and improve your posture. Great upper body exercises include push-ups, triceps dips, biceps curls and overhead press. And don’t forget exercises that target the upper back and rear deltoids!


Good luck!