The Right Workout for Your Body Type

You’re not just any body, right? Customized workouts for your body type will help you look your bridal best.

tennis workout

According to Jennifer Cohen, author of No Gym Required, your shape should determine your workout.

  • ECTOMORPH: Are you long and lean, with small bones and a low percentage of fat and muscle? Weight training is important, says Cohen, because you have trouble building muscle. “Use the heaviest weights you can handle for 6 to 10 reps. You won’t bulk up, you’ll just look toned.”
  • ENDOMORPH: You’re round and soft, and you may have more body fat than other types. Focus on cardio, to burn the fat your body stores all too easily. “When weight training, do more reps with lighter weights instead of heavier weights with fewer reps. This will help you tone up, not bulk up.”
  • MESOMORPH: With your athletic build, you’re probably fairly lean, but if you gain weight it may head straight to your midsection. Do cardio workouts like sprints or kickboxing, which work the abs and the obliques, helping to make the waist leaner. In your weight-training routine, push for more reps with lighter weights.

Photography: Christopher Robbins