Drop Weight and Shape Up!

Actress and Jenny Craig spokesman Sara Rue has lost over 40 pounds on her way to her wedding. Here, she tells Bridal Guide how she did it--and how you can too!

Sara Rue dropped 40 pounds--can you believe it?!?! The red-headed star checked in with Bridal Guide before her big day on everything weight-loss (and wedding!) related.

Bridal Guide: What was your primary motivation for losing pounds?

Sara Rue: I wasn't happy with how I felt or looked, and I realized that my weight was keeping me from doing some things. I have too much ahead of me to allow my weight to be bumming me out.

BG: What is your weight-loss goal for your wedding?

SR: I want to get to the point where I look at myself in my wedding dress and think I look amazing. I'll know because at that point I'll be smiling ear to ear. I want everyone to weep as I walk down the aisle, because they've never seen a more stunning bride!

BG: What's been your biggest challenge?

SR: Probably the planning ahead. Whenever you try to stick to a diet routine, it takes some time to figure things out. The first couple of weeks of the diet were easy because I was home, but once things like work and travel and social events came into play, I had to figure out what and when to eat. You find yourself out somewhere and you're starving and the only restaurant you can find has no healthy options--that's when you might go off the plan.

BG: What keeps you motivated?

SR: The thought of public humiliation is definitely a factor! Before now I've dieted in secret, but it's a lot easier to stick with it when you tell people...just a few or a few million, as the case may be.

BG: Who or what is your greatest support?

SR: My fiancee gives me constant support. Kevin helps me prepare meals and is willing to join me in whatever exercise I'm up for. That's the best motivation for working out.

BG: Describe the rewards of the process.

SR: The greatest reward for me is very simple. I feel better and I'm happier when I'm healthier and feel good about my body. Also finding the person you want to be with for the rest of your life makes you want to take steps to make that life last as long as possible.